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best gun games

What makes a good gun games? Immediate answers might include punchy phrases/words like “gun feel” or “kit customization.” Even so, it’s hard to define the gratification that comes with securing that coveted victory in ranked multiplayer or surviving a seemingly never-ending onslaught in single-player horde mode. A good shooter tends to contain a smorgasbord of enticing components – gripping atmosphere, weapon/ability balancing, enjoyable arenas, etc. Regardless of style (e.g., FPS, third-person, top-down), the aforementioned features tend to mesh well with polished gameplay, sweeping narratives, and new or improved mechanics. If you feel at home sprinting through multilayered environments, mowing down adversaries with precision and cunning, then the ten games on this list are definitely worth your time and attention. 

1-gun games: Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite represents a return to form for one of the genre’s biggest names. The game gets back to the basics of what made classic Halo work in terms of gameplay and storytelling, but ups the ante with a reinvented campaign. The beautiful ringworld of Zeta Halo offers a semi-open playground that gives players the freedom to capture Banished-controlled outposts, hunt bounties, pilot vehicles, and swing around using a nifty new grapple hook. Multiplayer is the most fun it’s been in years, stripping away disliked features from recent titles and giving Halo fans the competitive experience that won them over in the first place. 

2-gun games: Splitgate

Splitgate flew under the radar for a long time until it gained traction following a record-shattering 10 million open beta downloads. The energized Halo-Portal hybrid is a true Cinderella story. Developer 1047 Games began its gradual rise to prominence in the relative safety of a Stanford University dorm room. We spoke and played with CEO Ian Proulx back in 2019, who voiced his goal of creating an accessible game that was hard to master. Three years later, Splitgate’s nuanced mechanics and arcade aesthetic have piqued the interest of casual gamers and professional esports athletes alike.

3-gun games: Apex Legends

Apex Legends might not have been the Titanfall 3 fans were looking for, but it proudly wears the series’ lore on its sleeve. Plenty of battle royales have been fighting for Twitch supremacy, and Apex is no pushover. 18 legends, constant event/cosmetic updates, fluid physics, and tight gunplay have placed the popular FPS in a league of its own. Additionally, revolutionary mechanics like the ping system and respawn beacon have influenced future and classic titles in the genre. In its tenth season, Apex Legends continues to garner success with additional characters and detailed map changes.

4-gun games: Call of Duty: Warzone

Sure, Plunder – a cash-hoarding game mode with immediate respawns – is a nice addition to Warzone, but the battle royale experience really steals the show. Simply put, Warzone is bigger than its contemporaries. With 150 players in a given match (sometimes even 200), death-defying countermeasures with the implementation of Gulag duels and purchasable respawns, and in-game side objectives like bounties, you’re guaranteed long bouts of action despite the large maps. A bevy of different player-count playlists – Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads – mean that you can drop into the battlefield with or without a dedicated squad whenever you like. Like other live-service shooters on this list, content rollouts will likely keep you planted in your seat for hundreds of hours to come.

5-gun games: Rainbow Six Siege

The latest Rainbow Six is a callback to methodical FPS titles like Counter-Strike and SOCOM. Claustrophobic maps laden with murder holes, punishing time-to-kill ratios, and intuitive sound effects heighten the tension of each match. Sure, you can rush into a defense point, guns-blazing, as if Siege were your average twitch shooter, but consistent success comes from unwavering patience and holding angles. An ever-growing roster of playable operators – each equipped with ability kits and preferred firearms – means that the metagame is constantly fluctuating. However, if you prefer the frenetic firefights of Warzone or Apex, Siege might not be for you. Even so, it remains one of the most consistent competitive shooters out there. Extraction, Siege’s alien-infested story-mode counterpart, is set for a 2022 release and will likely showcase the same mechanical polish as its predecessor. 

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