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Sony Alpha A7R III review: Mirrorless, but certainly not pointless

You need a lot of patience to review cameras. You need some time, you need to be in a place that inspires you and you need good luck. Getting all these together is rare. In the two weeks I have had with the Sony Alpha 7R III, I have had a mix of one or two of the three, and a couple of rare occasions when all three fell in place. The Sony Alpha A7R III is the new version of what has been one of Sony’s most popular cameras recently. The mirror-less camera has not changed much in terms of design and is a bit more compact than most DSLR cameras, though it packs the same features or more. The camera offers a great grip and even with a heavy zoom lens, like the FE 4/24-105 one used by me in the review, it stays stable in your hand.

The body is packed with dials and custom buttons and there seem to be more than two ways to do something. There is a good recoil button you click, almost to make you believe this could be a DSLR with a mirror flicking inside. There is so much about the Sony Alpha A7R III that it is impossible to cover all aspects. I will stick to a few elements that impressed me and would be the primary reason for picking up a camera like this.

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