Digital Storm Equinox (2018) review: Lots of gaming power in hold

The first thing you’ll notice about the Equinox is that, well, there’s not much to notice at all! The Equinox’s understated design is a nice change of pace from the hyper-aggressive and flashy gaming laptops you find everywhere today. If you’re shopping for a gaming laptop that you can carry shamelessly in public, then the Equinox’s subdued aesthetics should be on your radar.

The Equinox’s top cover is constructed out of metal with a matte black painted surface. Near the top, you’ll find Digital Storm’s company logo painted in gray. We noticed that the top cover will flex with a moderate amount of pressure, which in turn bends the display. The Equinox is quite thin and light, so users will likely travel with it; in this case, you’ll have to make sure your bag has adequate space and that you don’t pack bulky items next to the laptop’s lid.

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