Destiny 2: How To Get Austringer, Beloved, And Calus Minitool – Opulent Weapons Guide

With the Season of the Haunted, Destiny 2 is bringing back a few excellent guns from the past: weapons from the Season of Opulence released way back in 2019. You can find weapons like the Austringer hand cannon and the Beloved sniper rifle aboard the Derelict Leviathan–guns that were first made available in the Menagerie activity, and are even better now. But it’s not entirely clear how you can earn them.

As with other seasons, you can get Opulent weapons either from seasonal reward drops or by tuning Umbral Engrams at the Crown of Sorrow at the HELM. The new tuning system can be a little difficult to understand, though, and the game is a little obtuse about where Opulent weapons drop from naturally. Here’s everything you need to know to get new Opulent weapons–Austringer, Beloved, Calus Minitool, and Drang (Baroque)

Where to get Opulent Weapons

Opulent weapons drop from activities completed on the Derelict Leviathan. The best way to get random Opulent drops is from the Nightmare Containment activity, and to get full access to that, you’ll want to complete the Operation: Midas mission that kicks off the Season of the Haunted. But completing the Containment activity itself isn’t really the best way to get the guns you want; you’re going to want to gather Vestiges of Dread to guarantee seasonal rewards more often.

Vestiges of Dread are the Season of the Haunted’s new currency. You can earn it by doing just about everything in the game, including ritual playlist activities like Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches, and by completing patrols and public events aboard the Derelict Leviathan. Your Vestige gains are also increased when you wear the Season of the Haunted’s armor set, Eidolon Pursuant.

Spend Vestiges of Dread at the Nightmare Harvester in the Nightmare Containment activity for a chance at Opulent weapons.

You can spend your Vestiges of Dread at the end of the Nightmare Containment – Tier 3 public event aboard the Derelict Leviathan. You need 500 Vestiges in order to turn them in, which you do at the glowing red Nightmare Harvester scepter used to trigger the event. This is the best way to get random Opulent weapon drops, but they’re random–you’re not guaranteed to get Opulent weapons, but they’re included in the loot pool along with Haunted weapons and seasonal armor. Thus, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got lots of Vestiges on hand to make sure you’re always able to cash them in at the end of the activity.

Nightmare Containment is a little less reliable for Opulent weapons, generally, than completing the Sever mission each week, but there are fewer opportunities to get them here. This story mission becomes available as you advance the Bound in Sorrow quest. When you complete the Sever mission, you earn a “Bound Presence,” which you can then cash in at a nearby loot chest. Trading in the Bound Presence earns you a number of rewards, including seasonal weapons and armor, some of which can be Opulent weapons.

There’s also a chance for Opulent weapons (and other seasonal gear) to drop from the Opulent Chests scattered throughout the Leviathan. You need an Opulent Key to find and open these chests, the first of which you can earn from the mission called The Leviathan Returns. Each Opulent Key unlocks a specific chest, clues about the location of which are listed on the key when you select it in your inventory. Opening an Opulent Chest doesn’t guarantee Opulent weapon rewards, as with all these other activities, but they are in the loot pool as possible drops.

How to unlock Opulent Weapon tuning

The best way to reliably get Austringer, Beloved, and the rest of the reprised Season of Opulence guns is to tune your Umbral Engrams for them at the Crown of Sorrow in the HELM. In order to do that, though, you’ll need another kind of currency, Opulent Umbral Energy, as well as Umbral Engrams, and upgrades to the Crown of Sorrow.

The Opulent Weapon Focusing upgrade will let you grab the guns you want, but you’ll need to earn several other upgrades first to get it.

First, the Crown upgrades. Like other seasonal vendors, you’ll need to rank up with the seasonal activity, complete seasonal challenges, and finish weekly seasonal story missions in order to increase the Crown’s capabilities. Doing that can earn you Figments of Darkness, which you can then spend at the Crown of Sorrow to unlock new capabilities for the season, including the ability to tune your Umbral Engrams into Opulent weapons, Haunted weapons, and high-stat seasonal gear.

You’ll get one Figment of Darkness for completing the Sever mission each week, and you can earn more Figments from completing seasonal challenges; there’s one available in this first week. You can also earn three Figments of Darkness as you level up your Crown Influence rank by completing Crown of Sorrow bounties, taking on the Nightmare Containment activity, and finishing patrols and finding Preserved Eregore pickups on the Derelict Leviathan. Figment of Darkness rewards come at Rank 4, Rank 10, and Rank 16.

You can unlock Opulent weapon tuning for the Crown of Sorrow on its Manifest track, but it carries an additional prerequisite: You’ll have to unlock four other upgrades first. That means you’re going to have to either earn all available Figments by increasing your Crown Influence rank up to 16, completing the Seasonal Challenge, and finishing the weekly Sever mission, or you’ll have to wait at least one more week for additional opportunities to earn Figments.

Once you do unlock Opulent weapon tuning, you’ll need a currency called Opulent Umbral Energy. You can earn this from the same places as Opulent weapon drops–from spending Vestiges of Dread at Nightmare Containment activities, from the Sever activity, and from Opulent Chests, specifically. An unfocused Opulent weapon Engram, which gives a random Opulent weapon, costs 7 Opulent Umbral Energy; focusing into a specific weapon, like Austringer, will run you 27 Opulent Umbral Energy.

All returning Menagerie weapons

Austringer is a PvP favorite from the Season of Opulence, and you’re going to want to farm it in the Season of the Haunted.

Four Menagerie weapons from the Season of Opulence can be earned from tuning Umbral Engrams at the Crown of Sorrow:

Austringer – Hand cannonBeloved – Sniper rifleDrang (Baroque) – SidearmCalus Mini-Tool – Submachine gun

Outside of tuning weapons specifically, there are a few other Menagerie guns that can be earned this season:

Fixed Odds – Machine gunThe Epicurean – Fusion rifle

These last two weapons can be earned from the Season of the Haunted’s new dungeon, which launches on May 27.

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