How To Get Copper In V Rising

Throughout the early portion of V Rising, your main goal is to acquire standard materials so you can craft stronger gear and establish a beginner castle. These materials include lumber, planks, stone, blood essence, animal hide, etc. As the game goes on and you start to develop into a more advanced vampire, you will soon find yourself needing even more materials that you previously might not have seen or even heard of. One such resource that you’ll want more so than others is copper.

Copper is essentially the next step up from stone. It can make much stronger weapons and introduces players to the spear, which is the best weapon for fighting off creatures. The spear makes fighting bosses much more efficient. Aside from the spear, though, every copper weapon also comes with a secondary attack that deals more damage than the simple left-click attack. Basically, you will want to unlock copper as quickly as possible in V Rising.

For a full guide on how to do so, you can check out the guide below.

Acquiring copper

A copper vein out in the wild of V Rising

Depending on where you made your starter castle, you may have already run into a copper vein. Copper veins look exactly like the stone pillars scattered around the Farbane Woods. The only exception is they have a golden color instead of the bland grey color of the stone pillars. However, if you try and mine the copper vein, you might get a message saying you don’t have the right tool for that job.

In order to mine copper, you must craft a Reinforced Bone Mace from your base’s workbench. Constructing a workbench is an early-game mission that you need to complete to progress, so you don’t have to worry about missing the recipe for it. Once you’ve constructed a workbench inside your base, craft a Reinforced Bone Mace and equip it in your inventory. You can now head out and mine any copper vein you happen across.

The copper veins produce copper ore when mined. This copper ore needs to be refined at a furnace, which also needs to be constructed inside your base. Like the workbench, the furnace’s recipe comes through the regular story missions, so just keep completing missions until you get to the furnace quest. With the furnace constructed, you can insert the copper ore inside and wait for the station to produce copper ingots. You will need 20 copper ore in order to produce one single copper ingot. These ingots are then used to craft copper weapons and other upgrades for your castle. For example, you can craft a copper mace, which is required to mine iron. You can read about how to mine iron in our previous guide.

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