Pokemon Go: Season Of Go Begins on June 1

Pokemon Go’s new Season of Go runs the full length of summer, from June 1 to September 1. For trainers, that means rewards, bonuses, and a new rotation of wild pokemon. Per Niantic’s description, the below are active bonuses during Season of Go.


Increased friendship bonus damage for raidsIncreased damage for pokemon participating in raids remotely1 hr Lure Modules1 extra Special Trade per day1 extra pokemon Candy when trading pokemonGuaranteed Candy XL when trading pokemonGuaranteed Gifts from PokeStop spins


Pokemon Go Fest–Starts June 4. Head over to our Pokemon Go Fest primer for everything known about the event so far.Adventure Week–From June 7 – June 12, explore fossils and Rock-type pokemonPokemon TGC Crossover Event–From June 16 – June 30, pokemon TGC and pokemon Go are getting a crossover. No details yet, so stay tuned for what’s in store.

Five-star Mega Raids

Mega Steelix, Kyogre–June 1 – 7Mega Aerodactyl, Groudon–June 7 – 16Mega Venusaur, Mewtwo (Charged Attack Shadow Ball)–June 16 – 23Mega Blastoise, Mewtwo (Charged Attack Psystrike)–June 23 – 1

Pokemon Spotlight Hours

Nosepass–June 7, 2× Candy for catching pokemonMantine–June 14, 2× Candy for transferring pokemonSpinarak–June 21, 2× XP for evolving pokemonPikachu wearing a pokemon TCG hat–June 28, 2× Catch Stardust

Check out Pokemon Go’s Season of Go page for a full list of bonus, rewards, and discoverable pokemon. Pokemon Go Fest 2022’s tickets are $15 and center around the Legendary gratitude pokemon named Shaymin. Players will have an increased chance of capturing Shinies, among other activities, during the Fest.

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