The Quarry Online Multiplayer Mode Delayed, Won’t Be Available At Launch

The Quarry–the next game from Until Dawn studio Supermassive–is set to release in just a few weeks, but its online multiplayer mode will not be available at launch.

Launching instead on July 8, which is about a month after the game’s release date, The Quarry’s online mode essentially turns the game into a viewer-controlled choose-your-own-adventure story. Up to seven people can access a host’s session and watch along, voting at key moments to make crucial decisions. It’s separate from the local co-op mode, which will be available at launch and uses a “pass the controller” format with each player controlling one camp counselor.

The Quarry will also feature a similar movie-style experience for solo players, letting you choose how certain characters will act in different general situations instead of doing so on the fly. You can even choose to have everyone live or die in advance, making for a fun way to “replay” the game once you’ve done so the default way. Additionally, the game has a number of accessibility options including time duration extensions, button-mashing changes, colorblind options, and aim assist.

The Quarry is out on June 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The cast includes big names like David Arquette, Brenda Song, Justice Smith, Ethan Suplee, and Ariel Winter.

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