Apex Legends Mobile Launches Quick Battle LTM

Apex Legends Mobile‘s debut season is in full swing, and its very first limited-time mode, Quick Battle, has finally arrived. The new mode is already being lauded as a great option for players who don’t have much time to spare (or those who just want a good warm-up).

Quick Battle is similar to Apex Legends Mobile’s standard battle royale, but it has a few twists. Like Apex Mobile’s default battle royale mode, Quick Battle takes place on the World’s Edge map. But unlike battle royale, Quick Battle matches begin with a much smaller starting ring, and a smaller number of players. Only 10 squads can load into the new LTM at once, for a total of 30 players in each Quick Battle match.

The Quick Battle LTM begins with fewer squads and a smaller starting ring.

Players who wish to try out the new Quick Battle mode must first reach level 5, which is accomplished by playing a few rounds of battle royale. Once players ascend to level 5, they can access both Team Deathmatch and Quick Battle modes. While the number of participants in each Quick Battle match is lower than the number of players in battle royale, the smaller starting ring means that players will encounter each other much more frequently, and can jump into the action far more quickly than they can in the standard battle royale. Given the fact that your average Apex Mobile battle royale match can take upwards of 15 minutes to come to an end, Quick Battle is perfect for killing time when you haven’t got much of it.

But players must hurry if they want a chance to play the mobile game’s speedy new mode, as Quick Battle mode is only available for a short time, from May 26 to May 29–so players who want to give it a try should take a page out of Octane’s book and “Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast.”

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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