Destiny 2 Exploit Provides Infinite Legendary Shards, But Don’t Get Banned

Short on Legendary Shards in Destiny 2? A new exploit in the game can help you farm a near-limitless supply of the in-game currency, but it does carry the risk of a potential ban on your account if Bungie decides to act. If you like flirting with danger and banhammers, the process for acquiring a pile of Legendary Shards is relatively simple.

As spotted by Fanbyte and YouTube user David, these are the steps you’ll need to follow:

Make certain that you have enough Glimmer, which can be purchased from Master Rahool in the Tower in case you’re running short of the currency.Open your Collections tab and go to the Armor section.Depending on your class, you’ll want to buy gear from one of three Armor sets, using your Glimmer.Titans: Midnight OilHunters: Gumshoe GumptionWarlocks: The InspectorDismantle that gear, and you’ll be refunded some Legendary Shards and a small amount of Glimmer.Repeat the process as much, and as an added bonus, you’ll also earn Gunsmith reputation.

Legendary Shards are used for a number of purchases in Destiny 2, as you can acquire rare materials from Master Rahool, Upgrade Modules to increase the power of your arsenal, and as cash for Xur’s inventory when he arrives on Friday. You can also use Legendary Shards to buy Enhancement Prisms, Ascendant Alloy, and craft weapons. This exploit will likely be hot-fixed out of Destiny 2 soon, and if Bungie catches anyone abusing it, don’t be surprised to hear that some Guardians have received a ban.

For more legitimate fun in Destiny 2 that won’t result in Valus Forge wielding his banhammer on your account, you can find out where Xur is this weekend, how Iron Banner is preparing to become a huge event, and the Solar 3.0 abilities that’ll be unlocked after the Destiny 2 community completes 20 million runs of Nightmare Containment.

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