Destiny 2’s Duality Dungeon Launches Today, Trailer Reveals How It Centers On Calus

Right before launch, Bungie shared a trailer of the new dungeon in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted called Duality, which centers on Cabal Emperor Calus and his connection with the Witness. The trailer shows off a strange Darkness-infested mindscape full of secrets and ends with Calus creepily claiming that “I am the end,” framing him as a major threat to Guardians.

Unlike previous dungeons, players with the Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen expansion can play Duality–others will need to purchase The Witch Queen Dungeon Key with 2,000 Silver from the Eververse store in-game. Bungie mentioned that players should visit Hawthorne at the Tower and grab the quest to access the dungeon, which launches today May 27.

Rewards from this dungeon include Duality-specific Deep Explorer armor, four new Legendary weapons, two reprised Legendary weapons, and two Legendary emblems for dungeon completions. Players can also work towards the Heartshadow Exotic Void sword and its catalyst. In the Collections tab, players can take a peek at the Exotic sword’s weapon perks, and the Exotic ship reward called the Mandate of Strength.

Anyone who completes this dungeon during Season of the Haunted can purchase the Hakke Deep Explorer Hoodie and a Thoughtstealer Pin–after claiming the Thoughtstealer triumph–from the Bungie store.

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