PSVR 2 Will Have More Than 20 Launch Games

PlayStation VR 2, Sony’s new virtual reality headset for the PS5, will have over 20 first-party and third-party titles at launch. This info was revealed during Jim Ryan’s Game & Network Services portion of Sony’s 2022 Business Segment briefings.

PSVR 2 was announced in 2021 and is the successor of PSVR–the virtual reality headset for PS4.

Sony hasn’t announced a price point for the PSVR 2, but you can expect it to be at least as high as the PSVR, which retailed for $300 upon launch. No launch date is set yet, but a report in 2021 suggested that Sony will launch the headset during 2022’s holiday season.

So what can we expect from PSVR 2? The controllers will feature haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and precision tracking. The headset will have an OLED HDR display, 110-degree field of view, and 120Hz refresh rate. For the PSVR2’s full specs revealed thus far, check out our PSVR2 Guide: Everything we know about Sony’s new virtual reality headset.

Slide from Sony’s 2022 Business Segment briefings

There are a couple PSVR 2 titles we already know about. Horizon Call of the Wild is a spin-off of the Horizon series being produced by Firesprite. Runner–a motorcycle racing game–and Samurai Slaughter House, a combat game, are also in the lineup. Among Us VR is being planned for the PSVR2 as well, but won’t be an exclusive–it’s also coming to other VR platforms, including Quest 2.

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