Today’s Wordle Answer (#342) – May 27, 2022

The final Wordle answer of the workweek is quite a doozy. If you’re here because you’re struggling with the May 27 puzzle, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are interesting vowel placements in addition to the word itself being fairly uncommon in everyday life.

When I began to guess different words, I was stunned to see that most of the letters I was guessing were correct. My starting word produced a few different correct letters and then my second guess managed to put two of those letters in the right spot. However, as I kept guessing, no additional letters or correct placements popped up. It wasn’t until my sixth guess, when I had three of the letters, that I finally figured out the answer. If you struggled as I did, then you can look below for some much-needed hints and even the full answer.

Today’s Wordle Answer – May 27, 2022

The hints we provide below will give you a general idea of what the word could be without completely giving it away. We will do that at the end of this guide.

Hint 1: There is a double letter in this word. Hint 2: This item is something that a princess, such as Princess Peach, wears in most of their appearances in video games. Hint 3: In the T.V. show “The Big Bang Theory,” Amy gets overjoyed when Sheldon gifts her one of these.

If those hints weren’t enough to move the needle, then fear not. The full answer to the Wordle on May 27 is… “tiara.” The double “a” and the placement of some of the letters make this word one of the toughest in weeks. However, as long as you read this guide, you’ve kept your streak alive. We’ll take a break over the weekend but we’ll be back on Monday for another Wordle guide.

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