Here Are Some More Anatomical Illustrations Of Pokemon To Ruin Your Day

If you’ve ever wondered how a Pokemon and its unique biology would function in the real world, one biologist has come up with a few disturbing answers to that question. Over on the Pokemon subreddit, u/TheChristopherStoll posted three illustrations that he’d created of Wobbuffet, Girafarig, and Smeargle, showing off in rich detail the pure nightmare fuel that each fictional creature is supposedly comprised of.

For Wobbuffet, the famed Ghost-type Pokemon that is known for its ability to counter moves, Stoll theorized that it has a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, gripping barbs, and a boneless jaw that gives it a signature look. More distressingly, Stoll believes the tail would hide Wobbuffet’s real brain and comes equipped with a vestigial jaw that is sealed inside the skin of the appendage. Basically, it has a trapped face and no mouth on its tail.

With Girafarig, the anatomy is slightly less disturbing if you don’t mind a version of a giraffe that has two heads. The Psychic-type consists of regular organs for a carnivorous diet, strong bones, and electro-receptive ampullae so that it can read your thoughts. Girafarig knows all your terrible secrets.

Finally, Stoll showed off the proposed biology of Smeargle, which since Generation Two has been known as the Painter Pokemon in Pokedex entries. While the enlarged cranium, cranial horn for sexual display, and hidden claws make for mildly gross reading, the real horror can be found in its trademark tail that allows it to claim territory with “scent-marking” secretions. How those secretions manage to coat the tuft of its tail is a theory that’s best left for when you haven’t had lunch yet.

If this kind of content appeals to you, you’ll be happy to know that Stoll produced an unofficial Pokeanatomy book in 2017, that shows off numerous Pokemon in all their horrible dissected glory.

Outside of a gross biology lesson, Nintendo is looking to get the Pokeball rolling on the next game in the mainline series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. A new trailer will be shown off tomorrow, and will likely feature new and returning faces in the world of Pokemon.

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