Play Golf At Home For Cheap With This Great Golf Simulator

If you’re a golfer looking to get some swings in at home, you might be interested in a great deal on the Phigolf Home Golf Simulator WGT Edition. Phigolf is a budget golf simulator that manages to provide fairly accurate swing feedback for a low price. Plus, the WGT Edition integrates with the popular World Golf Tour online game as well as E6 Connect, allowing you to play famous courses with the included golf club–all from the comfort of your own home.

I’m a diehard golfer who plays multiple times per week. I’ve owned a Phigolf simulator for about a year. While it’s obviously not going to provide as accurate or as many metrics as a professional launch monitors such as Trackman or GCQuad, it’s pretty good for the price. After all, high-end launch monitors cost thousands of dollars, and decent portable options can go for $500 or more.

Phigolf comes with a weighted golf club that is roughly two feet long. It comes with a small sensor that connects to the club’s grip, which feeds swing metrics to the free Phigolf mobile app. You can also cast the app to your TV to get a full-screen display. Or you could purchase a projector and indoor/outdoor net to hit actual golf balls with your real clubs. The sensor can be inserted into the top of any golf club to provide swing feedback.

Phigolf provides metrics such as swing speed, swing path, face angle, attack angle, tempo, and distance. In my experience, the distance numbers are the least accurate, but the other figures are not far off the numbers I get with Trackman.

Though I find the practice area in Phigolf to be useful, the simulator is especially fun for playing rounds of golf in WGT with family and friends. Phigolf comes with a couple of free courses out of the box, but you can greatly expand the library with WGT and E6 Connect.

A WGT subscription costs $2 per month and includes storied courses such as Pinehurst No. 2, Bethpage Black, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, and Oakmont. WGT is great for casual rounds, but if you want more swing feedback while playing a round, an E6 Connect subscription might be the way to go. It costs $10 per month and features more than 40 courses and a bunch of other practice content.

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