Today’s Wordle Answer (#346) – May 31, 2022

Hey all, welcome to a slightly shorter week of Wordle! Today is May 31 and I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. I know I did because I didn’t have to do yesterday’s Wordle. All day I was haunted by the alternate reality where we didn’t celebrate the holiday, and I had to somehow come up with hints for the word “atoll,” a word I literally got completely by accident. Dodged quite the bullet there.

Have you tried today’s Wordle though? I’ve got to admit, it’s about a thousand times simpler than yesterday’s, which makes me happy. It’s also a bit of a classic word, though it does have its modern uses as you’ll see in the hints below. It’s a really stately word too and I think I’ve actually always loved it for that. If you’d like to get a decent headstart on today’s answer, we’ve put together a list of starting words that are sure to get you most of the word in one or two guesses!

Today’s Wordle Answer – May 31, 2022

As per usual, you can scroll right to the bottom if you want today’s answer right away, but I’ve got a couple of hints you all could use to get today’s Wordle without a hassle.

Hint 1: The first Resident Evil game takes place in the Spencer Mansion in the middle of the mountainous wilds. The game not only lets you explore the mansion but the grounds around it, which might actually make the setting today’s answer instead, which is a slightly interchangeable term for the estate.Hint 2: Today’s answer is half of one of the most famous fictional homes, which is a stage you can fight on in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Have you gotten today’s Wordle yet? Don’t worry if you don’t, I’ve got your answer right here. Today’s Wordle is…manor. Manor actually typically denotes the presence of a large house (like the Spencer Mansion) and the land around it. While the PS1 was limited in what it could render, those grounds sure did seem big enough to technically be a manor. Also when you’re talking about manors, how can the first thing anyone think of not be Wayne Manor, home to our arguably most popular superhero Batman. That’s all for today’s Wordle hints and tips, but check back tomorrow for more!

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