V Rising Dev Teases What’s Next For The Popular Vampire Game

V Rising developer Stunlock Studios has announced what’s next for the popular vampire game. The Tencent-owned studio said in a blog post that its current focus is to fix bugs and improve stability before the studio expands the game with new content and features.

“Our primary focus right now is bug fixes, balance changes, server optimization, and quality of life improvements. The next step will be to analyze all the data and feedback from the first weeks of Early Access to make sure we can nail the master plan moving forward,” the studio said.

Concept art for a potential new V Rising scenario

Developers at Stunlock have confirmed they are also already working on “new material” for V Rising, but are focused on improving the game and getting it in a better state first.

The massive success of V Rising so far–the game has sold 1.5 million copies in two weeks–also provides Stunlock with the time and space to include some of fans’ “darkest dreams” for what V Rising can be, the developer said. Stunlock also shared a piece of concept art for a potential new scenario for V Rising–check it out above.

“We can promise you something very special for 1.0! With time… There will be more weapons to wield, loot to plunder, and sorcery to conjure. There will be more V Bloods with new challenges, lands to explore, and further ways to enhance your castle to express your vampiric glory,” the studio said. “A world that will feel fresh to dive in and sink your teeth into again and again. The vampire’s journey is far from over.”

For now, Stunlock said it is “taking one step back to be able to leap forward.” For more on V Rising, check out GameSpot’s top tips for beginners about surviving life as a vampire.

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