V Rising Passes 1.5 Million Copies Sold

V Rising, the zombie survival game from developer Stunlock Studios, has surpassed 1 million copies sold after just one week in early access on PC. [Update: Stunlock Studios has now announced that V Rising has surpasses 1.5 million copies sold in two weeks]

V Rising lets you play as a newly awakened vampire who lives in a world populated and run by humans; your goal is to become the next Dracula. Players need to consume blood to gain powers, hide from the sun, and take part in combat on their journeys.

V Rising is one of Steam’s most popular games by player count, recently setting a concurrent player record of 150,000+, according to SteamDB. Today, May 24, the game passed 130,000 concurrent players to rank as the most-played non-free game on Steam.

Developer Stunlock’s previous game, Battlerite, has surpassed 6 million unique players on PC, but that game is free and V Rising is paid, so any comparison isn’t perfect or complete. Stunlock is owned by Chinese technology company Tencent, which has many, many investments in Western studios.

For more on V Rising, check out GameSpot’s top tips for beginners about surviving life as a vampire.

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