Knockout City Season 6: Brawl Pass, New Features, And More

Knockout City has officially split from its publisher EA, and is now a free-to-play game. That means anybody can hop into some chaotic multiplayer dodgeball fun. Knockout City is kicking off the free-to-play festivities with the start of Season 6: City of Tomorrow, which includes a new ball, Brawl Pass, Street Rank tier, and more. Here is everything new in Knockout City Season 6.

A new ball and League Play rewards

Season 6 brings some small updates to the gameplay of Knockout City, with the main addition being a new type of dodgeball. The Boomerang Ball is a cyan colored ball that comes back after being thrown. If you hit a player or hit a wall with the Boomerang Ball, it will head right back towards you. You can even use the wall to gain charge, but if an opponent catches the ball after it hits the wall, they can use that charge against you.

League Play is getting a slight upgrade, with the addition of rank rewards at all tiers, so the best of the best can be rewarded appropriately. There will be Player Icons, Holobux, Energy Drinks, Style Chips, and exclusive cosmetics at every tier from Bronze all the way up to Diamond, so even those players who are just doing their best will get rewarded for playing League Play.

New cosmetics and improved Hideouts

You can now play a soccer minigame in the Hideout in-between matches.

Season 6 also includes a variety of new cosmetics, including a new Brawl Pass. It also includes the addition of more Concept Cars. These cars let crews roll up to each match in futuristic rides. Concept Cars were previously introduced in Season 3, but Season 6 brings a bunch of new options that players can pick up for their crew in the store.

Season 6 also brings an update to Hideouts. Hideouts now include more things for you and your crew to do while waiting for the next match, with minigames similar to soccer and basketball, more music tracks for the jukebox, and even some customization options for the space, so it can be tailored to your style.

New Brawl Pass and Street Rank tiers

The Season 6 Brawl Pass includes exclusive cosmetics, like the Among Us crossover.

Season 6 also brings a new Brawl Pass to Knockout City, which includes a bunch of cosmetics exclusive to Season 6: City of Tomorrow and an Among Us crossover as well. Players can advance the pass by completing different Brawl Pass contracts during matches and you can use Holobux (premium currency) to upgrade the pass for even more exclusive rewards.

The update also includes a new highest tier for the Street Rank tiers. Now, after players complete the Diamond tier at level 100, they will move on to the Chrome tier. The Chrome tier includes 100 levels of Holobux, Style Chips, Energy Drinks, and brand new Chrome rarity cosmetics, all of which can be earned just by playing the game. Season 6 also includes a new energy drink, the Starfruit Special. This energy drink provides bonus XP for every hit with a special dodgeball you can get for the duration of the boost.

Season 6 roadmap

Knockout City will have five events over the next three months.

Season 6 of Knockout City will also be filled out with a variety of events. It kicks off with the City of Tomorrow launch event, but Velan Studios has released a roadmap teasing a few more events that will happen over the next few months, including the return of a few past events.

The Season 6 roadmap event schedule is:

City of Tomorrow launch event June 1-14Heroes Reborn June 21-July 5Royale Party July 12-26Heatwave 2022 August 2-16Midnight Madness August 23-30

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