Kratos Fights Master Chief With This God Of War Mod

Since God of War was released on PC earlier this year, players have been creating mods to change and enhance their experience. Now, someone has created a mod that replaces The Stranger, aka Baldur, with Halo‘s Master Chief, making for a rather surreal crossover.

Marcos RC, the creator, uploaded his Master Chief Vs Kratos mod video earlier this week (via IGN), which showcases Master Chief in the role of Baldur during the player’s first encounter with the character at the beginning of the 2018 game.

Master Chief doesn’t use any of his weaponry during the fight as The Stranger prefers to battle with hand-to-hand combat and his powerful abilities, and due to the mod only being a model replacement, the Spartan can also be heard speaking Baldur’s voice lines and letting out his brawling grunts.

“This was the first mod I made for Baldur and it was certainly the most time consuming of all, due to having lots and lots of meshes to modify, I spent about 13 hours or more making it. But it had a nice result,” the modder explained in the description. The mod can be found on the Marcos RC’s Patreon.

Marcos RC also created another Master Chief mod that replaced Kratos instead, as well as one that swaps Kratos and Baldur with Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley from Resident Evil 4. Another modder, Omega Fantasy, recently released a new mod that added Homer and Bart Simpson to the game as Kratos and Atreus.

Elsewhere, God of War: Ragnarok, which was originally scheduled for a 2021 launch, has been rated for release in Korea.

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