Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Preorders Are Live

If you’re looking forward to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, both games are available to preorder now at major retailers and the Nintendo Switch eShop. Alongside a new gameplay trailer, Nintendo announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release November 18, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The ninth generation of Pokemon will introduce a new region to explore and new Pokemon to catch. Preorders are available for $60 at Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet preorder bonuses

Historically, Pokemon games include some sort of preorder bonus, but none are announced for Pokemon Scarlet (or Violet) yet. Pokemon Legends: Arceus, for example, offered a unique in-game mask item for preorder customers. Chances are Pokemon Scarlet (and Violet) will have extra pre-purchase items, too, and we’ll update this guide once information is available.

In addition to in-game bonuses, it’s possible we’ll see retailer-exclusive offers. Retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target often have physical bonuses for Nintendo Switch exclusives, including some of the other Pokemon games on Switch.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet officially kick off the ninth Pokémon generation. As with any new mainline Pokemon game, there are three new starters to pick from: the grass-type kitten, Sprigatito; fire Pokemon Fuecoco, which look like a chili pepper-shaped alligator; and Quaxly, a water-type duck Pokemon with a poofy pompadour haircut. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Legendary Pokemon have been confirmed as Koraidon and Miradon. Even more new and returning Pokemon are sure to be confirmed ahead of Scarlet and Violet’s release.

Editor’s Note: Article updated on June 1, 2022

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