Dragon Age 4 Given Official Name, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

BioWare has officially revealed the title of the next Dragon Age game, along with some plot details. The game will be called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, implying a strong connection to Solas, the Dread Wolf, a well-known character in Dragon Age lore. The studio says more details are coming this year.

In the land of Thedas, the Dread Wolf is an enigmatic elf who some revere as a trickster god and others as a traitor. The announcement suggests that he’ll serve as the antagonist of this adventure. BioWare didn’t share further details on your player character or how they’ll relate to Solas, other than to say that as usual for the series, the narrative will depend on your choices.

Though the game is named after a well-known character, the studio said that newcomers to the Dragon Age world will still be able to understand his schemes as they play the game. Though the game isn’t releasing in 2022, BioWare promised we’ll see more of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf sometime later this year.

The Dread Wolf rises! We’re excited to reveal the official title for the next chapter in your story – Dragon Age: #Dreadwolf!

— BioWare (@bioware) June 2, 2022

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