Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Kicks Off Third Season With A New Map And Sephiroth Skins

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is kicking off its first season today with a number of new features and rewards. Some of the most exciting additions include a new map, a new style, new materia, new weapons, and Sephiroth skins.

The Machinist style can also ride a floating hoverboard.

The new map, called Midgar (Plateside), lets players battle in familiar Final Fantasy VII Remake locations like the Mako Reactor Core 1, Sector 8, and the highway. The new Machnist style basically turns you into an engineer with a giant hammer. The new water materia can lock on to other players and it attacks in an arc, which means if you use it right, you can hit players who are hiding behind cover.

Even in the First Soldier timeline, Sephiroth only has one wing.

It doesn’t factor into gameplay, but you can also unlock new Sephiroth skins, but much of that content is locked behind loot boxes and chance. You won’t be guaranteed to unlock the Sephiroth content by making your way through the season pass. You can learn more details about the new content below.

New Features in Season 3:

• New map: Midgar (Plateside)

• New Style: Machinist

◦ Wields a hammer and constructs various gadgets that interfere with enemies and allow for increased mobility

◦ Its selection of abilities and skills offers players a higher level of customization than other styles.

◦ Style can be selected in the lobby before beginning a match

• New Materia: Water

◦ Release orbs of water in an arc toward enemies

◦ Effective against enemies behind cover

◦ This can be obtained only from treasure chests. It is also available to obtain in the training mode

• New Weapons: Serpent Launcher, Dual Wheeler

◦ Serpent Launcher: Fires rockets that explode upon impact causing heavy damage

◦ Dual Wheeler: Magic assault rifle. Fires like a shotgun when charged with MP

• Newly added offensive and defensive accessories

◦ Offensive Accessories

▪ Ifrit Belt: Killing an enemy instantly reloads your gun and temporarily increases the gun damage you deal

▪ Drain Belt: Recovers a small amount of HP each time you deal gun damage

◦ Defensive Accessories

▪ Fire Ring: Reduces fire-type damage by half

▪ Blizzard Ring: Reduces blizzard-type damage by half and nullifies the effects of slow

▪ Thunder Ring: Reduces thunder-type damage by half and nullifies the effects of blind

GameSpot gave the game a 7 in its Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier review. Sony is holding its State of Play today which, optimistically, may feature some Final Fantasy news. Here’s how you can watch State of Play.

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