Kingdom Rush Creators Announce Iron Marines: Invasion

Developer Ironhide Games released the hit mobile game Kingdom Rush in 2011, and since then the studio has launched a handful of sequel and spin-offs for the fantasy strategy game. In 2017, however, it released not a spin-off game, but one that featured similar sensibilities with a sc-fi setting called Iron Marines. Today, Ironhide Games has announced it is returning to that universe with Iron Marines: Invasion.

Like its predecessor, Iron Marines: Invasion is a casual RTS where the titular Iron Marines explore alien planets and battle various invaders. Invasion includes more than 25 campaign missions, nine unit groups to create various combinations, nine hero characters, eight special weapons, and all kinds of special operations and upgrades to acquire add things like defense drones to add to your units’ firepower.

The game’s trailer does not offer too much gameplay (though you can find some screenshots below), but it what is shown seems consistent with the first game. You take your units and heroes and place them on a map to combat an opposing alien force.

Pre-registration is open for both iOS and Android devices by following the links. Ironhide Games has not yet offered a release date for the game.

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