Steam Deck Docking Station Delayed Due To Part Shortages

Valve has announced a delay for the Steam Deck Docking Station release due to a shortage of parts for the peripheral.

“Hi all. Due to parts shortages and COVID closures at our manufacturing facilities, the official Steam Deck Docking Station is delayed,” Valve explains in an update. “We’re working on improving the situation and will share more info when we have it. This has no effect on the production schedule and reservation windows for Steam Decks.”

“In the meantime, the team is continuing to work on improving the docked experience for Steam Deck with all USB-C hubs and external displays.”

Hi all, due to parts shortages and COVID closures, the Steam Deck Docking Station is unfortunately delayed. This has no impact on Steam Deck production or reservation windows. More info here:

— Steam Deck (@OnDeck) June 1, 2022

Luckily, those who have preordered a Steam Deck don’t have to worry about the dock’s delay impacting any other timelines, as they use parts from different factories.

The Steam Deck dock isn’t the only product being impacted by parts shortages, however. Chip shortages have made current generation consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series hard to find, potentially lasting up to 2024. Nintendo says that it doesn’t even see an end in sight for the shortages either.

In our Steam Deck review, we said, “What the Steam Deck excels at is being a mobile hub for your Steam games, giving you enough to work with to get the best out of a selection of games you can’t go without while away from your desktop. In that regard, there simply is nothing better on the market right now.”

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