Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta Out Now, Here’s What’s Included

Madden NFL 23 releases in August, but some fans can start playing the game right now through a closed beta test. The test includes a selection of game modes, including Play Now and H2H Ranked, with more modes to be added later, including The Yard, Franchise, and Ultimate Team, among others.

This is a closed beta, so fans will need to obtain a code from EA to get in. Anyone chosen for the beta is forbidden from recording, streaming, and capturing video/images. Those caught doing so will be removed from the test and face a “complete” ban on all Madden NFL accounts.

Codes are being sent out in waves, so EA Sports advises players to continue to check their email for a code if they don’t get one right away. Unfortunately, new sign-ups for the beta are now closed. Additionally, players can follow @EAMaddenNFL for a chance to get a code.

Madden NFL 23 launches on August 19 (or August 16 with EA Play), and the late John Madden is featured on the cover. One of the biggest new features for this year’s game is the Fieldsense technology that promises to up the ante in terms of authenticity. For more on Madden NFL 23, check out GamSpot’s Madden NFL 23 preorder guide.

What is included in the Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta

Available Now:

Play NowH2H Ranked

Coming Soon:

Face of the Franchise: The LeagueThe YardSuperstar KOFranchise ModeSquads/Multiplayer for The YardSquads/Multiplayer for Superstar KOMadden Ultimate Team

The Madden NFL 22 beta represents an incomplete and unfinished version of the game, and as such, it has a variety of known issues, while player ratings “have been scrambled” and are not final.

Madden NFL 23 Beta Known Issues

Mid-Air collisions at the catch point not triggering frequently enoughMan Coverage defenders frequently play fakeout animations when covering Curl and Comeback routesHB Slip Screen does not work appropriately due to the RB delay being too longAggressive catch mechanic doesn’t respect player-input in some specific situationsPlayer ratings impact to Skill Based Passing is not finalSkill based passing Reticle snaps back when the user releases LT so the user is unable to place it and leave itUnderneath Zone defenders are breaking too quickly on intermediate and deep routesPass Rush Non-Engaged Super Win animations are triggering too frequently on All Pro and All MaddenSometimes Catches do not sync up appropriately when throwing to Tight Ends on Flat routesDefenders in play ball situations sometimes obstruct the receiver from getting to the ball and do not make a play on the ballRunning backs sometimes get caught up in the line when going out on a route and do not play an avoidance or a Chip block animation

EA Sports is conducting this beta to collect feedback, and the developer is asking players to send in bug reports and other feedback on the Madden Voice website.

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