Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 Announced In Japan, Comes With Over 50 Games

Sega revealed its brand new mini console, the Mega Drive Mini 2. It includes more than 50 games from the Megadrive (Sega Genesis) and Mega CD (Sega CD) catalogs.

So far, the list of confirmed titles are:

Sega Genesis:

Bonanza Bros.Fantasy ZoneMagical Taruruuto-kunShining in the DarknessThunder Force IVVirtua Racing

Sega CD

Mansion of Hidden SoulsPopful MailShining Force CDSilpheedSonic the Hedgehog CD

It’s worth noting that the original Fantasy Zone was never released on the Mega Drive. What the mini console is getting here is actually a new port based on the Super Fantasy Zone sequel.

The Mega Drive 2 Mini is set to release on October 27 in Japan, but there’s no word on an international release yet. The mini-console will cost 9,980 yen, or about $75.

The first Mega Drive Mini was released in 2019. In our Mega Drive Mini review, we said, “So the Mini has some issues, and for M2 fans it might be a little disappointing to see that it falls short of the team’s most ambitious retro projects from the past, but for the most part the Mini is a very satisfying little console.”

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