Today’s Wordle Answer (#349) – June 3, 2022

It’s time to end the work week on a positive note and what better to do that than by guessing the Wordle correctly. We have another answer guide on tap for you in case you’re struggling with the Wordle on June 3.

Today’s Wordle isn’t trivial by any means, although it could throw some people off in the beginning. I managed to guess the answer in three attempts, mainly thanks to my starting word yielding three correct letters. From there, it was an easy step to nail down a couple more letters between the second and third guesses. However, other people might not be as fortunate as me, which is why we’ve laid out some hints and even the full answer to the June 3 Wordle down below.

Today’s Wordle Answer – June 3, 2022

First, we have some tips to get you thinking in the right direction. These tips will primarily relate to gaming, so be prepared to think in that realm.

Hint 1: This word can be used to describe the different stages of a battle royale title, such as Fortnite or Warzone.Hint 2: This word can be used to describe the various stages of video game development.

If those tips weren’t enough to give you the answer, then don’t worry, as we also have the full answer for you. The answer to the June 3 Wordle is… “phase.” The “ph” at the beginning of the word has the ability to trip some people up but overall the word is fairly simple. Now that you’ve ended the work week by continuing your Wordle streak, enjoy the weekend, and then come back on Monday for another Wordle guide.

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