Fortnite Zero Week Quests – Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 has arrived, and with it comes a bundle of special Zero Week Quests. Rather than offer up the Week 1 challenges with launch day, Epic has decided to give players bonus challenges to chase before the Week 1 challenges properly arrive later this week. The list of seven challenges will grant you 15,000 XP each for a total of 105,000 XP, which will help you level up your battle pass quickly. Here’s the full list plus tips on how to complete each of them.

Fortnite Zero Week Quests

Collect a Hammer Assault Rifle and a Two-Shot Shotgun in a single match -15,000 XPInteract with Sunbird or Moon Hawk and Rustler in a single match – 15,000 XPJump on a Wolf or Boar’s back in different matches (2) – 15,000 XPPlant or Summon Reality Saplings using Reality Seeds (3) – 15,000 XPSurvive Storm Phases (10) – 15,000 XPTravel 2000 meters in a Baller – 15,000 XPVisit Groovy Grove, Reality Falls, and Rave Cave – 15,000 XP

The Hammer Assault Rifle and Two-Shot Shotgun are two of the new weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. They’ll spawn all over the map like most other loot, so this one will come purely from luck and playing time. Sunbird (also known as Moon Hawk–it’s complicated) is at The Temple which is just northeast of The Daily Bugle. Rustler is inside Shifty Shafts. You can start by speaking to either one, but leave yourself time to make it to the other in the same round, or else you’ll need to start again. You can find our guide to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 NPCs for more info.

Wolves and boars can now be mounted, and you’ll want to do that at least once in two different rounds for this challenge. Wildlife is found all over, now more than ever, but they can most reliably be found around and within Reality Falls.

You can find Reality Seeds within Reality Falls too. Look for them inside glowing purple bulbs often grown on the roots of the Reality Tree. Smashing them open will briefly give you low-gravity movement, but watch and you’ll see Reality Seeds sprinkle out and slowly float to the ground. Plant one in the dirt, then return to that spot in later rounds to tend to your garden and eventually incredible loot will blossom like spring flowers. Nature is magic.

Look on the trunk of the Reality Tree to find smashable plants that sprinkle out Reality Seeds.

Surviving Storm phases is simple enough. Just be mindful of Storm Sickness, a new cascading effect that causes the Storm to do more damage if you stay in it too long. You can find Ballers at Rave Cave in most cases, so grab one there–but do it fast as they’re in high demand.

Visiting Groovy Grove (still Greasy Grove on the map at the time of writing, but it’s where it was before) Reality Falls, and the Rave Cave will take you on a trek across the western hemisphere of the island. You needn’t do it in one round, so don’t sweat it if you fail to do it all in one go.

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