Battlefield 2042 1.0 Patch Notes Include Hundreds Of Changes

Battlefield 2042‘s massive 1.0.0 update arrives June 7, and developer DICE has now shared the full patch notes. The new update includes “hundreds” of changes, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements for the military shooter ahead of the start of Season 1, which is rumored to begin June 9.

At a high level, some of the most notable changes include improvements to “soldier gameplay” that should mean smoother animations and movement overall. Additionally, DICE implemented changes to the netcode to improve bullet hit registration, while the studio also conducted a balance pass on weapons to allow for greater shotgun accuracy and increased projectile speeds for DMRs and LMGs.

The 1.0 update also introduces new ways to obtain XP, including killing an enemy who recently wounded or killed a squadmate. Players will also now earn XP when an enemy vehicle that you recently damaged is destroyed by a squadmate and the occupant(s) are killed.

Additionally, DICE added more vehicles for Conquest mode to make it easier to get around. And in terms of Specialist changes, Sundance’s wingsuit has been nerfed, slightly, with overall flight time reduced. At the same time, the wingsuit should now be easier to maneuver. Additionally, Sundance’s EMP Field Smart Explosive has been removed to “simplify” things, DICE said.

You can see the full 1.0 patch notes for Battlefield 2042 below, as shared by DICE on its website.

Battlefield 2042’s 1.0 update goes live the morning of June 7, while the game’s long-awaited and delayed Season 1 will be revealed via a trailer the same day at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. According to reporter Tom Henderson, Season 1: Zero Hour will be released on June 9. It will reportedly add one new specialist character, one new map, two new weapons, and two more helicopters.

After this, DICE said Battlefield 2042’s next big update will be released in early July. This is a comparatively smaller patch that “brings further fixes and changes.” DICE will share more details later.

Battlefield 2042 1.0.0 Update Patch Notes


Voice Chat Channel is now greyed out in the Social Menu when Voice Chat is turned On, but you are unable to switch channelsOnline IDs are now displayed in the rewards screen after End of Round when VoIP is enabledResolved instances where players could be Squad or Team switched outside of their PartyQuitting an ongoing match no longer automatically puts you back into the matchmaking queueResolved Mouse Raw Input Settings sometimes revertingResolved instances where switching to Fullscreen would cause the Borderless Window setting to not work on a second monitorAdded missing Voice indicators on Xbox Series X|S when unplugging/plugging in a headset to the controllerClosing the Pause menu no longer briefly shows the hangar lobby backgroundWhen disabling Social Communication options via Console, Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text options will now automatically be greyed out in-gameResolved a flickering microphone indicator when clicking on the VoIP:Party button in the Social screenResolved instances where keyboard input was lost and the game window couldn’t be focused after alt+tabbing out of gameResolved instances where in-game QR codes could not be scanned due to resolution issuesResolved instances where players couldn’t be revived at the base of ziplinesFixed an issue that caused Kill Cards to no longer display attachment names and icons after the first killPlayer nametags are no longer visible before the player models itself becomes visible to other playersTakedown kills now trigger an XP eventClaiming a control panel (ex. sliding doors) now triggers an XP eventKilling an enemy who recently wounded or killed a squadmate now triggers an XP eventProviding smoke cover in which teammates are healed or revived now triggers an XP eventReviving, healing, repairing or resupplying a squadmate now provides more XPDamaging an enemy vehicle now triggers an XP eventProviding smoke cover for squadmates who kill enemies or covering enemies who are killed now triggers an assist XP eventGetting a triple kill now triggers an XP eventWhen an enemy vehicle you recently damaged is destroyed by a teammate, and this kills occupants it will now trigger an assist XP eventKilling an enemy with a headshot now triggers an XP eventAlways Traversal Sprint has been added as an option under the Controller tabA Chat Log Visibility option has been added to allow setting the default visibility mode of the chat log (SHOW, WHEN ACTIVE or HIDE). This option is available under Display > Hud General

Battlefield Portal

Resolved instances where users could become stuck in an infinite sliding animation after exiting a moving Quad BikeFixed instances where the ESC button failed to bring up the Pause menuResolved instances of crashes when joining an in-progress match in Battlefield PortalFixed an issue on Valparaiso where vehicles could spawn underground in the lower US HQFixed an issue on Caspian Border where the T-90 at Capture Point E1 would repeatedly respawnFixed an issue on Caspian Border where the player spawned Out of Bounds when deploying in a tank at the US HQFixed an issue on El-Alamein and Arica Harbor where it wasn’t possible to vault through certain windowsResolved instances where AI-driven tanks were getting stuck on cover assetsWe’ve fixed further locations across all Classic era maps where players could get stuckWe’ve fixed further instances of floating assets and misaligned rocks/cliffs across all Classic era mapsFixed an issue that would cause vehicles to sometimes stutter on Arica Harbour while driving at high speeds

AI Soldiers

Made further balance changes to AI difficulty and behaviorFixed an issue where AI Soldiers only targeted the Recon Drone using the Recoilless M5Fixed an issue where AI Soldiers were shooting above the target when using the Recoilless M5Fixed an issue where AI using Barrage Missiles weapons from a vehicle are too accurate versus air vehiclesFixed an issue where AI teams were sometimes uneven in Solo/CoopFixed an issue where AI got stuck in helicopters. AI will now bail out of helicopters when the vehicle gets stuckFixed an issue where AI soldiers were crouching too frequentlyAdded new AI Helicopter behaviors, including helicopter strafe runsIt’s now possible to be in a squad with AI in Solo/CoopFixed a mismatch for AI between their bullet traces and hit positions in high-rate shooting


Pathing for thrown grenades has been improvedThe EMP Grenade now affects the Insertion Beacon, SG-36 Sentry Gun and APS-36 Shootdown SentinelFixed an issue with the Repair Tool where repair progress would disappear during repairResolved instances where the Med-Pen wasn’t available for useResolved a bug where a weapon would fire while equipping an IBA Armor PlateResolved rare instances where Ammo Crates didn’t provide ammoResolved the Prox Sensor floating after the vehicle it was thrown on moves awayThe FXM-33 AA Missile’s lock-on timer is now consistent between mapsSmoke Grenade effects can no longer be negated by opening the Collections menuUsing the The SOFLAM Designator now gives Assist XP after a designated vehicle has been destroyed by a friendlyThe SOFLAM Designator lock-on now correctly disappear after the vehicle is destroyedResolved instances where spotting enemy soldiers with the SOFLAM Designator wasn’t always working as intendedInstances where C5 couldn’t be detonated while in water will longer happen

Maps & Modes

We have reduced the total number of Air Attack vehicles that can be active at any time to 1 per team This change applies to both Conquest and Breakthrough, and is not active in Battlefield Portal modes, nor on the Classic era or Breakaway mapsThe MV-38 Condor and the Mi-240 Super Hind are also not impacted by this changeIn Conquest we have increased the number of in-world vehicles you’ll encounter across all mapsWe’ve made countless smaller improvements across all maps such as updating lighting, improving audio and visual effects, and removing glitchesFixed an issue on Breakaway where planes clip through terrain while Out of BoundsFixed an issue where a whiteout effect followed by terrain textures appearing low resolution on Breakaway while playing Conquest with 128 playersFixed an issue on Breakaway where you could stay on the radar dome due to extended collision after using the Grappling HookFixed an issue on Discarded where you could fall under the map after deploying for the first timeFixed an invisible wall near E3 capture point on HourglassUsing the Grappling Hook inside an elevator on Hourglass should no longer kill the playerFixed an issue where projectiles could pass through trucks on KaleidoscopeFixed and issue across all maps where the first deploy could cause you to spawn out of boundsFixed an issue which allowed players to re-enter the deployment CondorProning or jumping while on the A2 platform in Orbital will no longer glitch the playerResolved instances on Renewal where players couldn’t be revived if killed by an explosive in an elevatorFixed an issue a Hazard Zone issue on Breakaway where it would be difficult to enter the helicopter for extractionFixed an issue where a Tuk Tuk was spawning on Discarded while playing Hazard ZoneReduced the rate at which repeat Voice Over lines can occur during the last Sector in BreakthroughAdded a UI Widget for Breakthrough that informs defenders of being spotted when the last sector is lostHazard Zone Data Drives are now visible in the world by default. This removes the need to use the Data Drive Scanner


We’ve improved netcode for bullets hit detection on moving soldiers as well as when changing states or stance. This includes more consistent hit detection against Sundance when they are flying with the wingsuit.Resolved a broken traversal sprint animation after spamming the jump buttonPerforming a takedown on another player performing a takedown will no longer result in a broken animationResolved an issue that could cause loss of input after traversing a ladder while using crouch and sprint at the same timeResolved instances of missing character hands while in first person after deployResolved bugged character movements when a player is prone inside a moving elevatorResolved camera spinning when being downed on a moving LATVResolved instances of incorrect damage when falling from high distancesIt’s now possible to jump off a ladder by crouchingResolved glitchy movement in prone while in a crater which also prevented deploying gadgetsThe Press Button animation no longer plays twice when pressedFixed an issue where movement penalty speed after jump landing didn’t triggerThe left hand no longer twitches while in first person when going from prone ADS, to standing ADSResolved a broken hand animation after sprinting into a wall while holding a grenadeResolved instances of the camera clipping with the ground while inside a tornadoResolved a stuttering animation when transitioning from petting Ranger back to soldierResolved a broken grenade throwing animation while vaultingFixed instances where parachutes didn’t deploy as intendedSwitching to/from prone when having a grenade cooked no longer causes the grenade to be thrownThe throwing animation no longer loops when keeping the throw button pressed while in waterResolved instances of being able to clip through objects after climbing a ladderResolved some instances where players were unable to ADSResolved choppy movements while crawling up slopes while downedResolved a misaligned camera when downed and looking at an attacking playersResolved a misaligned camera after being revivedResolved glitched ragdoll physics during death animationsZipline travel is no longer interrupted by vehicles standing directly below itImproved the melee bash animation and Added facial animation when performing a melee bashYou can no longer melee while throwing a grenade, which could cause visual glitchingFixed an issue where a “No Ammo” visual message would appear while you still have ammo leftPlayers should no longer take explosion damage through wallsResolved an issue where the player’s camera could sometimes clip through the ground or objects while proneResolved an issue where players didn’t get sent back to the deploy screen when getting killed when piloting a remotely controlled vehicle such as the EOD BotYou will no longer sometimes get ejected from vehicles while driving through shallow waterYou are now able to ADS directly after deploying a parachuteBeing affected by a storm should no longer block ADS or Fire inputDead or friendly soldiers will no longer sometimes block bulletsSprinting to the side no longer causes a static first person while in third person it appears as no longer sprintingIt’s now possible to crawl while prone under obstacles which have enough space, such as some vehiclesOptimizations have been made to enable showing higher quality animations on soldiers



Resolved a bug where a stuck Loadout Crate would kill players passing underneath itThe Loadout Crate no longer floats while deployed in smokeThe Armor icon is no longer visible for the Supply BagArmor is no longer mentioned in Angels Loadout Crate description


The SG-36 Sentry Gun now gets destroyed during the Rocket Launch or Explosion events on OrbitalThe SG-36 Sentry Gun no longer hovers in the air when the object it was placed on is destroyedThe SG-36 Sentry Gun now gets destroyed when the Colossal Wall event triggers on DiscardedThe SG-36 Sentry Gun preview no longer shows as green when placing it in an enemy controlled Sector in BreakthroughResolved some instances where the SG-36 Sentry Gun couldn’t be deployed on smooth surfacesThe SG-36 Sentry Gun can no longer be deployed in elevators


Buttons on the OV-P Recon Drone now correctly display on the first deployThe OV-P Recon Drone HUD no longer overlaps with the Objective HUD


It’s no longer possible to float mid-air while crouching while having the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield deployedResolved instances where Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield could block direct hits from tank shells


The S21 Syrette Pistol can now correctly heal players in prone positionThe S21 Syrette Pistol can no longer incorrectly heal enemies while in a smoke screenThe “Plus” hit indicator for the S21 Syrette Pistol no longer shows while at full healthResolved an issue where death would occur when healing yourself or an ally while healing and taking damage from an enemy at the same time


Deploying Irish’s Gadgets no longer makes them inaccurately show as at 50% cooldown in the inventoryThe DCS Deployable Cover can no longer block elevator doors


You will no longer get stuck while grappling against the ship’s elevators on DiscardedThe Grappling Hook now has the correct animation when attached to a moving vehicleResolved an issue where players could get stuck when grappling thin floors from belowResolved an issue that prevented the Grappling Hook from being used inside bushesResolved a broken animation when jumping in water and using the Grappling Hook just before landing


Rao’s hands no longer flicker when using the Cyber Warfare Suite while prone


The Smart Explosives cooldown no longer resets when switching between ExplosivesGliding and entering the MAV vehicle mid air no longer causes death when leaving the vehicleResolved instances of the Wingsuit showing visual twitchingFixed an issue where Sundance did not take fall damage after hitting the ground from high altitudesSundance’s EMP Field Smart Explosive has been removed to simplify their SpecialityThe Wingsuit has been adjusted so it’s easier to maneuver, while reducing the overall flight time Reduced initial velocity boost when deploying from low heightsIncreased velocity when deploying from greater heightsAdjusted elevation gain when pulling up to prevent getting higher up than the original starting positionAdjusted pitch turn angles to make it easier to pull up easier when going at high speedsThe hitbox while Wingsuiting has been improved


Gadget Hit and Kill markers are now properly present when damagingFixed a bug where soldier health visuals weren’t visible as a passenger in a vehicleThe nearby revivers widget now updates until the player is done being revivedThe Nearby Medic Widget has been updated to improve accuracyResolved instances where Squad Made Icons didn’t shrink after deployControl Points now display in the correct color in the CommoroseResolved Location and Danger pings not showing in the World LogFixed an issue which would cause an extra space to appear next to weapon names within the Kill Feed


Fixed an issue that caused ping locations to be inaccurate when using the chase camera in aircraftFixed an issue that was causing excessive jitter when in cockpit view on jet planesRepositioned the rearview camera alignment for aircraftFixed an issue where the camera would clip with aircraft while using ADS on the groundFixed an issue which prevented heavy ground vehicle weapon recoil from applying when firing low-impulse gunsFixed an issue where the lock-on UI would sometimes not appear on enemy vehiclesFixed an issue that was preventing players from entering the Polaris Sportsman from specific anglesFixed an issue that was causing the cooldown on the vehicle deploy screen not display accuratelyMade improvements to the landing of helicopters, who should not explode as easily when touching the ground at landing speedsFixed an issue that was causing the 3rd person ADS camera to break while piloting aircraftFixed an issue that would sometimes cause tank turrets and other parts to be invisible after exiting the vehicle.Tanks would sometimes have the wrong equipment setup in some seats, this no longer happensFixed an issue causing strange helicopter behavior when flying in underground-type areasOn rare occasions vehicles would sometimes vanish from the collection screen. This has been fixedThe Crosshair dot for transport vehicles should now be visible40mm GL Projectiles should now be replenished while holding down fireFixed an issue where vehicle tooltips would not display on the first deploymentExiting a vehicle that is in water should no longer sometimes cause players to fall through the mapMissiles from aircraft would sometimes loop around targets. They now head straight for them with unbridled rageFixed a tech hang that would sometimes occur when flying a helicopter upside down and exiting it moments before crashingFixed an issue which would sometimes cause the Plus Menu to not be openable while in a passenger seat of a vehicleFixed an issue where a weapon could be seen through the driver seat of the 4×4 UtilityFixed an issue that caused vehicle weapons with near detonation such as the 60mm Flak Weapon Pod to detonate when getting close to certain gadgetsThere was a unwanted muzzle explosion on Helicopter TOW Missile and Air-to-Ground Missiles that has been removedImproved the visuals of the Polaris Sportsman suspension

AH-64GX Apache Warchief

Fixed an issue that would cause the AH-64GX Apache Warchief’s missile pod to be invisible when landing and exiting the vehicle

EBAA Wildcat

The Lock-on crosshair no longer enters a broken state while switching between the primary and secondary weapons in the EBAA WildcatFound an extra gear in the engine of the EBAA Wildcat, giving it an easier time driving uphillFixed an issue where the EBAA Wildcat’s 40mm Grenade Launcher would have misaligned projectiles

KA-520 Super Hokum

Fixed an issue where the Rocket pods remained on the 3D model of the KA-520 Super Hokum after equipping the 30mm cannon

LATV4 Recon

Fixed an issue where the LATV4 Recon turret does not move when another player is controlling itFixed an issue with the LATV4 Recon minigun which would sometimes lose its audio while spinningFixed an issue where you could continue to fire the LATV4 Recon minigun while in its overheat state during a lock-onFixed an issue which would cause soldiers to clip through the LATV4 Recon’s wheels. No more wheelies.Fixed an issue which would cause the LATV4 Recon to question the laws of physics and lose gravitational force while exiting the vehicle when it’s upside downLATV4 Recon Mastery should now always correctly track T1 Mastery progressFixed an issue where ping would sometimes not work in driver seats for vehicles with driver weapons

LCAA Hovercraft

You can no longer swim through the LCAA hovercraft


The headlights on the MAV would sometimes flicker, causing a little disco disco time. We have resolved the MAV lights going disco disco.The Dot crosshair is no longer visible for passengers in the MAVYou no longer have to repeatedly hit E to exit the MAVFixed an issue that caused explosives to not benefit from the rear weakspot damage modifier on the EBAA Wildcat, T28 and the MAVOn Hourglass, the MAV could sometimes get stuck in a hole within sector B on Breakthrough, resulting in players unable to exit. This hole should no longer cause claustrophobic panicThe MAV now appears with the correct categorisation within the world logThe destroyed hulk of the MAV no longer appears as friendly vehicle on the minimapFixed an issue that would sometimes prevent you from exiting the MAV while it’s driving backwards

Mi-240 Super Hind

Attempting to exit the Mi-240 Super Hind as a passenger was sometimes problematic. This should now be a much smoother experience


Fixed an issue where tooltips would not always display while piloting the MV38-Condor


Projectile speeds for all DMR’s and LMG’s has been increasedShotgun Cone spread has been adjusted to improve consistency of hitsImproved pellet dispersion for ShotgunsAll Underbarrel Attachments, excluding the AK-24 and SFAR-M GL, now have reduced reload times from 3.8 -> 3 secondsShotgun Ammo for the Masterkey Attachment can now be replenished via Ammo Crates as expectedBolt Action Rifles now have identical Aim Assist as other weapons, this excludes Snap SettingsTracer effects for Bolt Action rifles are now thicker to increase their visibility at long rangeFixed an issue where the crosshair would sometimes vanish upon reviveFixed an issue where the crosshair would sometimes disappear when swapping sightsFixed an issue where the reload and the ammo count resets while switching magazines in the Plus MenuAim Assist is no longer present for Sniper Rifles in hip fireThe Hold Breath breath mechanic for Bolt Action Rifles has its duration extendedPlayers can now Hold Breath for a total of 10 secondsFixed broken animations that could occur after shooting and immediately running with a Sniper RifleAttachments in the Plus Menu no longer display a 0 in their icon when depleting the last magazine on that weaponYou can now reload during vaults that don’t require both handsFixed an issue that could cause incorrect weapon movements while sprinting and reloading at the same timeController Trigger inputs are now more responsive when firing. This means you no longer need to fully release the trigger for a weapon to stop firing, or being able fire again.Character hands should no longer clip through the M5A3 while using the ADS after the deploy animationUnderslung Shotgun and Grenade Launcher weapon sounds are no longer affected by other attachments on the primary weapons


AK-24 Anti-Materiel Rounds now do correct damage at 20mThe Masterkey Underbarrel Attachment on the AK12 no longer incorrectly resets


The projectile of the M5A3’s 40mm Incendiary attachment is now correctly visible during the reload animation


NTW-50 High Power Rounds now cause intended damageAdded missing shell ejection effects for the NTW-50


Reload time for the PBX-45 has been decreased from 3.1 -> 2.3 seconds


Removed the unintended Single Fire mode on the PKP-BP


The PP-29 now displays the correct ammo count for Subsonic Rounds


Resolved visual issues on the SWS-10 when using the Farstrike skin

Weapon Attachments

The SFAR Warhawk Compensator now has the correct modifiersFixed a spelling error on the Type 4 Heavy SuppressorFixed an issue where the Laser Sight and Flashlight could sometimes end up in a broken state after entering vehiclesFixed Type 4 Heavy Suppressor and PB Heavy Suppressor incorrect modifier valuesFixed an issue where the Ghost Hybrid 1.25-2.5X had the wrong zoom level within the Collection menuFixed an issue that would cause the Plus Menu to break when equipping the Masterkey attachmentFixed an issue where the AC42 Iron Sights could be blurryChampion Muzzle Brake is now attached properly to the PBX-45Warhawk Compensator is now properly attached to the MP9 icon on the deploy screenUnderbarrel Attachments no longer affect weapon Deploy / Undeploy timesFixed an issue where some weapons would display incorrect reloading animationsThe bipod on the DSR-1 should now properly visually attach to surfacesFixed some weapons displaying wrong ammo counts for specific magazinesWeapon names now appear in the Kill Log and Kill Cards when eliminating players while using an Underbarrel AttachmentsResolved a bug where the melee takedown sound wouldn’t play for the victimAdded unique impact sounds for melee Hatchets and ClubsPerforming a melee attack when switching to weapons/gadgets no longer incorrectly causes the weapon/gadgets art to displayResolved a visual glitch when performing a takedown with the Survivalist’s Edge

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