Elden Ring – How To Beat Morgott, The Omen King

After making your way through Leyndell, you will finally find yourself and the base of a large set of stairs leading to the Erdtree. At the top awaits the final boss of the area: Morgott, the Omen King, son of Marika and Godfrey. By this point in Elden Ring, Morgott should be a familiar face. This will be the third time you’ve taken him on, assuming you fought him at Stormveil (as his alter ego, Margit) and in the Capital Outskirts. However, this is certainly the toughest encounter with him yet. He comes equipped with a deadly new Bleed-inflicting sword, and a host of new attacks and spells. But with the right strategy (and maybe the help of some NPC summons), you can make short work of Demigod, and walk away victorious one last time.

Before going in

Getting to Morgott requires having acquired at least two Great Runes, as well as beating Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade), so you should naturally be at a fairly high level by the time you enter the arena. Aim for around level 100 or so, with at least 40 points invested into Vigor so you can survive his hardest-hitting attacks.

Morgott’s most dangerous attacks deal Holy Damage; the same Holy daggers and hammer you faced in your fight against Margit, the Fell Omen will make an appearance here, along with other new Holy attacks. Put on whatever armor has the highest Holy Damage Negation, and consider popping a Holyproof Dried Liver or equipping a Haligdrake Talisman, as well. (As you might expect, Morgott is strong against Holy Damage himself, so Faith builds may need to adjust their strategy accordingly).

You’ll find Melina’s summon sign to your right, at the top of the staircase.

Finally, there are two NPC summons available for the fight: Melina and Dung Eater. Melina’s summon sign will be right by the door, assuming you haven’t betrayed her by interacting with the Three Fingers. Dung Eater’s will be there as long as you’ve progressed his quest and released him from the Sewer Gaol in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. To make life extra hard for the boss, bring along your favorite Spirit Summon as well and make it a four-on-one fight!

How to beat Morgott, the Omen King

Much like your previous encounters with the Demi-God, Morgott is aggressive, agile, and unpredictable. From a distance, he will barrage you with projectiles–or simply close the gap with a quick lunge attack–so range-focused builds will definitely want to bring along a summon or two.

The key to defeating Morgott is timing and patience. Many of his attack have a much longer windup than you might expect; as a rule of thumb, you’ll want to dodge-roll later than you think you should. Panic-rolling is an almost certain death sentence in this fight. Stay calm, familiarize yourself with the timing of his attacks, and learn how to exploit them.

Phase one

After passing through the fog door, it takes quite a while for Morgott to get aggressive. He spends the first 10-or-so seconds of the fight slowly lunging toward you from all the way across the arena. Use this safety window to your advantage. This is a great time for mages to fire off a Terra Magica, and follow up with your powerful Sorcery of choice (Ranni’s Dark Moon is a good option here). Melee players can use the time to buff up their weapons or summon a Spirit Ash.

Throughout the fight, he will attack you with various combinations of swipes, jabs, and overhead slams with Morgott’s Cursed Sword, often in combination with his summoned Holy weapons. You can dodge through most of these attacks, but it’s risky, especially against his longer, eight-plus swipe combos. Consider simply blocking his sword attacks with any 100% Physical Damage Negation shield. You will still take some Bleed buildup, but likely not enough for the effect to proc. (Note: You will still take Holy damage when blocking his summoned weapons).

These are the other attacks you’ll want to look out for during the phase one:

When he raises the spear above his head, be ready to roll as soon as he brings his foot back down.Holy dagger throw. He will summon three Holy daggers and throw them at you, often from a distance. He likes to do this attack when you’re trying to heal (rude). Roll through them to avoid damage. He will often charge at you for a sword attack directly after this, so be prepared.Holy spear throw. He will raise his leg and bring a Holy spear above his head, holding it there for a moment before throwing it at you. This attack is capable of hitting you from all the way across the arena. Pay attention to his leg: You’ll want to dodge as soon as he brings it back down. Alternatively, if you’re close enough and can get under him before the throw, you will avoid the spear all together. Use the opportunity to get in some damage as he recovers.Holy spear charge. Using the same Holy spear, he will hold it horizontally and charge at you. Roll forward or to the side to avoid damage. You’ll want to dodge earlier here than you might expect.Holy spear lunge. He will jump toward you high in the air, before plunging his spear and sword into the ground. Roll forward right before he lands. You should end up behind him; use his vulnerable position to get in some damage.Position yourself in one of the four quadrants to avoid the cross formation of falling Holy sword.Holy hammer slam. He will summon his Holy hammer, raise it above his head, and then slam down. Again, dodge to the side right when his foot comes back down.Holy hammer swing. This time, he will swing at you with the hammer horizontally, usually in combination with his sword. Dodge through the attack to end up behind him.Holy hammer lunge. This is the same move that marked phase two in your fight against Margit. He will jump high into the air before slamming down with his Holy hammer. Dodge to the side, and attack him as he recovers.Holy sword rain. He will summon a bunch of Holy swords above his head, and in a cross formation across the rest of the arena. Get some distance from him to avoid the ones above him, and pick one of the four quadrants to stand in to avoid the rest.

Phase two

The brown liquid explosion marks the beginning of phase two. Be sure to the avoid the geysers that pop up on the ground across the arena.

At about 50% health, Morgott with fall to his knees and start to cough, followed by a large AOE explosion of brown liquid all around him. This marks to beginning of phase two. Run away from him to avoid the AOE, and look out for the liquid geysers scattered across the rest of the arena. Use the opportunity to flask up or rebuff your weapon as he recovers.

In phase two, Morgott’s sword will be coated in flames, so blocking becomes a less viable strategy as you will take Fire damage. Switch to two-handing your weapon if you’ve been using a shield, and prepare to dodge some deadly new attacks:

Get away from the Blood-sword’s trail to avoid the incoming explosion.Geysers. Morgott’s weapons–including the summoned Holy ones–will now leave a geyser of brown liquid whenever they hit the ground. These geysers erupt after a couple seconds, dealing damage. They’re a minor annoyance, but ultimately easy to avoid. Just keep an eye out for them throughout the rest of the fight.Cursed-Blood Slice. Morgott will coat his sword in blood, hold it over his head, and slash at you once or twice, leaving a red trail in its path that explodes a second later. Roll into the swipes, and you should end up right behind him, where you’ll be out of the range of the red trail explosions. Get in some attacks as he recovers.Cursed-Blood impale. He will coast his sword in blood before charging straight at you. If he connects, he will impale you, raising you into the air and throwing you back down, dealing massive damage. Roll to the side to avoid. The recovery time for this attack is substantial, so be ready to punish him right after you roll.

Otherwise, the rest of the fight is more or less the same as phase one. Dodging Morgott’s attacks can feel a bit unintuitive at first, but once you get the timing down, the fight is a breeze. Defeating him will get you 90,000 Runes, Morgott’s Great Rune, and access to either Morgott’s Cursed Sword or the Regal Omen Bairn. Rest at the Site of Grace to talk with Melina to get the Rold Medallion, which grants you entrance to the next major, required area of the game: The Mountaintop of the Giants.

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