Rollerdrome Might Be Part Of PlayStation Plus Extra, Fans Speculate

Fans think that Rollerdrome, the indie roller skating bloodsport game, might be part of PlayStation Plus Extra in August.

Reddit user AngieK22 made a post on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, speculating that Rollerdrome might be part of PlayStation’s new higher tier of PS Plus when it launches in August. Rollerdrome was announced during the PlayStation State of Play and is set to release on August 16.

The reasoning behind this speculation starts with the fact that the game cannot be preordered on the PlayStation Store–although it also can’t currently be preordered on Steam either. The second part is that ResetEra user Modiz noticed that the unlock time for Rollerdrome doesn’t match the typical midnight eastern release time most games have, instead unlocking at 12 PM. This is a similar launch time to Stray, which unlocks at 11 AM, and is confirmed to be a part of PS Plus Extra. Both games also launch on the third Tuesday of their respective launch months. Mentioned in the PlayStation Blog post about the new PS Plus tiers, PS Extra games refresh in the middle of the month, which might line-up with the third Tuesday release date.

Rollerdrome has not been confirmed to be a part of PS Plus Extra, so all of these similarities might just be a coincidence. Rollerdrome is set to launch on PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam on August 16 for $30 USD, if it isn’t part of PS Plus Extra.

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