Snag A Classic Horror Game For Free Right Now

GOG’s massive Summer Sale is now underway, and the storefront is celebrating by giving away a classic horror title for free. Swing by the online shop before June 8, and you can claim a free copy of Sanitarium–an iconic point-and-click psychological horror game that follows an asylum patient as they trek through a foreboding world as they try to come to grips with reality.

Although it was first released in 1998, Sanitarium has held up surprisingly well. It was even ported to mobile devices in 2015. The isometric graphics are about what you’d expect from that era of gaming, although its oppressive atmosphere and terrifying NPCs help it stand out from the pack. It also boasts an intriguing narrative, with you stepping into the shoes of a car crash survivor who can’t remember their past. Gameplay largely revolves around solving puzzles and interacting with a motley cast of characters, although there are more than a few scares to keep you on your toes.

Sanitarium is only the start of GOG’s Summer Sale. Over 3500 products are discounted, and the company is teasing more to come in the following weeks. The event runs until June 27, but Sanitarium will only be free until June 8.

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