This Cool Productivity Bundle For Mac Comes With 14 Apps For $20

Mac users who are looking to streamline their productivity, get a bit more organized, or simply want to give their Mac some new tricks should check out the Mac Madness App Bundle. This bundle includes 14 apps, each of which has different features that aren’t included out of the box with macOS.

The Mac Madness App Bundle is now available for just $20. Whether you’re looking to control the smart lights around your home, organize all your digital photos, or export your favorite podcast from iTunes, there’s a piece of software in this bundle that has you covered. Here’s a closer look at everything included with your purchase:

LSwitch for LIFXLights SwitchPhotos Metadata ExportFolder OrganizerAVR ControlWSwitch for Belkin WeMoM3U EditReceiptBoxPodcasts ExportMass RenameFile List ExportExport for iTunesText WorkflowMusic Audio Converter

All told, the bundle includes $74 worth of applications and software. Even if you don’t use all 14 products, you’re still getting a great deal while it’s priced at just $20. Much of the software is built for specialized use cases, but applications such as ReceiptBox, Folder Organizer, Music Audio Converter, and Podcasts Export will probably be useful to most folks with a Mac.

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