Xbox Showcase Reportedly Won’t Show Fable, Perfect Dark

With days left before the Xbox Bethesda showcase, Microsoft is running a tight ship without many leaks. Though it’s not clear what will be shown at the presentation, we have some idea of what won’t be there. Both Fable and Perfect Dark are reportedly no-shows.

The word comes from reporter Jeff Grubb on this week’s Grubbsnax from GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb. On his weekly news show, Grubb said that as opposed to last year’s show when he knew the full Xbox lineup ahead of time, this year he’s actually in the dark. What he does know, he says, is that the two high-profile reboots–Fable from Playground Games and Perfect Dark from the newly formed studio The Initiative–won’t be shown.

That absence just further deepens the questions about what will be shown at Xbox. We expect to see Starfield and Redfall, since Bethesda promised “deep dive” looks at both of them soon when they were simultaneously delayed last month. But that delay also means it’s not part of Microsoft’s fall slate of games, so we don’t know of any big exclusives scheduled for this year. Whether that will change with the presentation, or if Microsoft will instead lean on third parties for this fall, remains to be seen.

Xbox is sharing top billing with Bethesda for the event, after acquiring the studio last year. Since then, Microsoft has set its eyes on new acquisition targets, including a pending deal to acquire Activision Blizzard amid ongoing legal troubles regarding Activision’s corporate culture.

The Xbox and Bethesda Showcase is scheduled for June 12 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. For more, check out our full Not-E3 event schedule.

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