Aliens: Dark Descent Announced At Summer Game Fest, Coming 2023

A new Aliens game is in development. Aliens: Dark Descent was announced at Summer Game Fest Live with a creepy debut trailer. It’s coming in 2023.

The trailer shows space marines exploring a derelict base and being confronted by a xenomorph–and then several more xenomorphs–at which point all hell breaks loose. It ends with the aliens starting to overwhelm the last remaining marine as he’s leaving an audio diary of the event.

That story sequence is followed by a brief snippet of gameplay. The gameplay showed multiplayer marines trying to fend off hordes of aliens from an isometric perspective.

This is Aliens: Dark Descent, coming in 2023 to console and PC! #SummerGameFest

— Summer Game Fest – Today (@summergamefest) June 9, 2022

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