Best Apex Legends Merch: Action Figures, Plushies, And More

Apex Legends may not have been the first battle royale on the market, but today it’s without a doubt one of the most popular. Tight gunplay, a fluid movement system, and constant updates have allowed its community to flourish over the years–and its new mobile spin-off is already a runaway success. That success has led to an influx of awesome merch, including action figures, plushies, Funko Pops, and more. If you’re looking for a fun way to brighten up your game room or show your love for the beloved first-person shooter, consider checking out some of our favorite Apex Legends merchandise.

Nessie Plush


While they don’t play a big role in Apex Legends, these adorable little monsters are always a treat to discover in the middle of a match. This authentic plush is a faithful recreation of its in-game counterpart, is made from soft-touch fabrics, and comes with a QR code for in-game content.

Top Level Apparel Apex Legends Embroidered Baseball Hat


Simple and stylish, this Apex Legends baseball hat comes in five different colors (black, charcoal, green, maroon, and navy) and boasts nothing more than the Apex Legends logo. It’s only offered in one size, but an adjustable buckle means it should fit most wearers. If you’re looking for an understated way to rep your favorite game, it’s hard to beat this high-quality headwear.

Maxer Apex Legends Shield Battery Water Bottle


Constructed with stainless steel and dual-insulated walls, this bottle is perfect for use with either hot or cold drinks. It also comes with an extra-wide handle that makes it easy to transport and a removable top for easy cleaning.

Apex Legends Graphic T-Shirt


As an officially licensed Apex Legends product, you know you’re getting something of quality with this T-shirt. It’s crafted with 100% pre-shrunk cotton, is machine washable, and features a stylized Apex Legends logo on its chest with a smaller logo on its left arm. Sizes range from small to 3X-Large.

Apex Legends Funko Pops


Funko Pops are some of the most popular collectibles for any franchise, and that holds true for Apex Legends. Some are a bit more elusive than others, but you’ll readily find Pathfinder, Lifeline, and more available on Amazon.

Wingman Pistol Replica


The Wingman is one of the most popular guns in Apex Legends, and this full-sized replica perfectly captures its every nuance. We’d recommend proudly displaying it on your desk or in your home office, but it’s durable enough to withstand a bit of Apex Legends LARPing.

Metal Heirloom Unboxing Robot


You won’t find any loot inside, but this Metal Heirloom Unboxing Robot is still a cool little collectible. Standing just over two inches tall, the figurine is constructed from zinc alloy for a premium feel and is built to stand the test of time.

Lifeline Nendoroid Action Figure


It’s one of the most expensive products on this list, but the Lifeline Nendoroid is also one of the most upscale pieces of Apex Legends merch on the market. This version includes a support arm to display Lifeline’s Heal Drone, additional Shock Sticks, an Alternator SMG, and the syringe from Ajay’s Lullaby finisher.

Die-Cast Supply Bin


It may be an inanimate object, but the supply bin is one of the most recognizable (and important) parts of Apex Legends. Relive the adrenaline rush of opening a fresh bin with this die-cast replica, which comes with a few additional weapons and accessories.

Metal Wingman Model Keychain


The Wingman once again makes an appearance–this time as a miniature, metallic backpack pendant. You could also clip it onto your keyring, although its sizable 105mm length might make it a better decoration for your game room.

Apex Legends 3D Illusion Lamp


This 3D Illusion Lamp comes with two different patterns (Wraith and Pathfinder) and offers 16 colors along with four different modes of illumination. Use it as a night light or prop it up on your desk for a lightshow during late nights spent by the computer.

Apex Legends Sling Bag


Available in four different styles, the Apex Legends sling bag makes it easy to bring all your gear with you while on the road. You’ll find several pockets, high-quality zippers for secure storage, and material that’s resistant to light scratches and abrasions.

Mini Epics Figurines


All three figurines in the lineup (Bangalore, Bloodhound, Mirage) are officially licensed products. Each character is faithfully recreated with these plastic models, and a small stand is included to help you display the piece of art in your home.

Apex Legends Drawstring Pajama Pants


If you find yourself constantly hunkering down for an all-nighter with Apex Legends, consider checking out these stylish pajama pants. The officially licensed apparel is constructed from cotton for a comfortable fit and features a bold Apex design on the left leg.

Apex Legends Birthday Supplies


Looking to throw a party for an Apex Legends fan? Then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better set of decorations than this. The bundle includes 12 balloons, a “Happy Birthday” banner, 24 cupcake toppers, and 32 DIY bullet hole stickers to transform your home or banquet hall into an Apex Legends shrine.

Apex Legends Game Tapestry


Enhance your home décor by tossing out those old posters and opting for a high-class tapestry. Crafted from polyester fiber for a soft, lightweight finish, this Apex Legends-inspired tapestry comes with an installation kit that makes it easy to display the gigantic, 60 x 40-inch piece of art.

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