GTA Online’s Weekly Update Is All About Speed, Speed, And More Speed

The newest update is now live in GTA Online and it takes players to the streets of Los Santos. A majority of the action from this week’s update takes place at the LS Car Meet, where players can test out new rides or participate in the Pursuit Race Series to earn double the GTA$ and RP.

Players can speak to the Race Organizer at the Meet once they have the required amount of RP. Pursuit Races are large-scale races that take players all over the map, with checkpoints scattered around accordingly. There is also a high number of LSPD squad cars waiting to take players down if they slow down too much. The best part about the Pursuit Race Series is that players can finish first or dead last and still receive double the GTA$ and RP for competing.

In addition to the Pursuit Races, players can also double the cash and RP by competing in Vehicle Vendetta. These races are demolition derbies but with high-powered machine guns and power-ups all over the map. Think of the game Twisted Metal if you’re wondering how Vehicle Vendetta works. There’s little room for breathing and once your car is demolished, you’re out of the race.

If players are looking to participate in these races with a new ride, then this week’s update has you covered. You can earn the new Prize Ride, the Dewbauchee Specter, for free by placing top five in the Pursuit Race Series over three consecutive days. Players can also test-drive a fleet of vehicles, including the Överflöd Entity XF, Överflöd Autarch, and the Karin Sultan Classic. Head to the LS Car Meet to start test driving those cars. Finally, if you’re feeling lucky, you can head to the Diamond Casino & Resort to take a spin on the Lucky Wheel. This week’s top prize is the Överflöd Entity XF.

The Prize Ride for this week in GTA Online is the Dewbauchee Specter.

On the non-racing side of things, players can also earn double the GTA$ and RP by completing Casino Story and Work missions. Both sets of missions are started at the Diamond Casino & Resort. You can talk to Agatha Baker to request either a Story or Work mission. The Story missions involve you, Agatha, and Vincent going up against Avery Duggan while the Work missions are a little more tedious but still pay out double the rewards for this week. You can also earn double the rewards by participating in Gerald Contact missions, such as Gerald’s Last Play. The rewards from these missions, as well as all of the ones mentioned above, will end once the next weekly update goes live.

For players looking to finally add a yacht to their property collection, you can still earn a $1 million rebate on a Galaxy Super Yacht this week. The only requirement is you need to complete all six A Superyacht Life missions in GTA Online. If completed, the rebate will be delivered within 72 hours.

Finally, there’s some non-gameplay-related news in this week’s update. This is the last week for last-gen players to upgrade their version of GTA Online to current-gen consoles. For PlayStation 5 users, this is a free upgrade until June 14. Xbox Series X|S users can upgrade freely for a discount until June 14. There are also new GTA+ Member Benefits going live for this month, which include the following:

The Gunrunning Bunker in Raton CanyonMobile Operations CenterFree clothing and accessories2X GTA$ and RP on Double DownAdditional Member Bonuses

These benefits are available until June 29.


30% off Dewbauchee Champion30% off Dewbauchee Vagner30% off Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic50% off Dewbauchee Specter50% off Dewbauchee Massacro (Racecar)50% Dewbauchee JB 70050% Dewbauchee Massacro50% off Dewbauchee Specter Custom50% off Dewbauchee Exemplar50% off Dewbauchee Rapid GT Cabrio50% off Dewbauchee Rapid GT30% off Överflöd Autarch30% off Överflöd Imorgon30% off Överflöd Entity XXR30% off Överflöd Tyrant

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