New Witchfire Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Magical Firepower

As part of Summer Game Fest Live today, Polish studio The Astronauts showed off brand-new gameplay for Witchfire, a dark fantasy first-person shooter set in an alternative world where magic is real and dangerous.

The Astronauts was founded by some of the key creative team behind the studio People Can Fly, which made the shooters Painkiller and Bulletstorm. Witchfire is the first game from The Astronauts since 2014’s narrative-adventure game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

“After we made an innovative–we think–narrative game, now we want to make a shooter unlike anything we’ve done before,” the studio said.

Made in Unreal Engine 4, Witchfire uses the same “photogrammetry” tech from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter to scan 3D real-life objects to be used for digital assets in the new game. The game’s action also revolves around dark fantasy roguelite themes, as you’ll be hunting a powerful witch who holds the key to your survival. You won’t be unarmed though, as you’ll be wielding strange weapons and forbidden pagan magic in your quest.

Witchfire will be entering early access soon according to The Astronauts, and you can wishlist it now on Steam and the Epic Games Store. As for a release date, the studio is aiming to release the game in Q4 2022.

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