Anger Foot Kicks Up A Storm In New Gameplay Trailer

Anger Foot kicked down Devolver Digital’s door last night with a brand-new gameplay trailer, showing off plenty of new action from Genital Jousting and Broforce developer Free Lives. As the game’s title aptly sums the game up, you’re in control of a gangster-slaying vigilante who wields legs of doom that can bust down any door in front of him.

Free Lives describes the game as a “lightning-fast hard bass blast of kicking down doors and kicking ass” where no structure or gangster is safe from a swift foot to the face. When a big boot isn’t enough to take down gangsters, you’ll be able to even the playing field with guns and environmental hazards that can be combined to create an explosive solution to any problems in your way.

You’ll also be able to acquire new skills for your appendage of doom as you progress through the game, and Free Lives is aiming to have its stomper of a game out in 2023. Originally designed during a game jam session in December 2020, you can try out Anger Foot’s original build on or through the official demo on Steam.

Devolver Digital had several other games to show off after Summer Game Fest, such as the beautifully animated adventure game The Plucky Squire, the dazzling Skate Story, and a fresh look at Cult of the Lamb.

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