Downwell Creator’s New Game Poinpy Is Available Now

The creator of Downwell, Ojiro Fumoto, surprised everyone today by revealing and releasing their new game, Poinpy, on Netflix’s mobile gaming platform. The game is published by Devolver on Netflix’s growing gaming platform and is available by searching for the game in the dedicated gaming section in Netflix’s streaming app.

POINPY is available NOW on Netflix Games!
You can play the game on iOS / Android if you have a Netflix account!🍎

— Ojiro Fumoto (@OjiroFumoto) June 10, 2022

In Downwell you progressively make your way down a well (hence the title), but in Poinpy, you make your way up. You are a little creature that must leap and climb upward while dodging bad guys and outrunning a giant blue beast on the bottom of the screen. You also feed the blue beast various collected fruits to calm them while making your way upward. The game is included with your standard Netflix subscription and features no microtransations or ads.

Downwell was released in 2015 for mobile devices and has been ported to various platforms in the interim. Poinpy’s surprise release marks nearly seven years since Fumoto released an original game, but they have been working and Fumoto has credits in games like Ring Fit Adventure, as well as a special thanks in Spelunky 2 where they apparently provided a voice.

You can learn about all the games Netflix announced today here.

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