God Of War Ragnarok November Release Planned – Report

God of War: Ragnarok has not been delayed and will likely release in November, though it’s still possible the title could slip, according to Bloomberg’s sources. Some had believed the title would shift to 2023 but this won’t be the case, apparently. The game was, however, delayed internally, the report said, with the title supposedly originally planned for September before it shifted to November.

Bloomberg pointed out that Raganrok’s official release date should be announced this month, but nothing is set in stone yet, and it’s possible it could still shift beyond November.

In May, Ragnarok was rated for release in Korea, suggesting the game was due out in the relatively near future. Sony has yet to officially announce Ragnarok’s release date, however, so all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt for now.

God of War: Ragnarok was originally set for launch in 2021, but Kratos actor Christopher Judge suffered an injury that delayed production. The PS4 and PS5 game will face a little less competition this year in the first-party race, as Microsoft and Bethesda’s Starfield has been delayed to 2023.

Some people continue to believe that Ragnarok will be delayed to 2023, but the game’s animation director said earlier this year that Ragnarok remains on schedule to launch in 2022. Developer Cory Barlog gave an update on Raganrok earlier this year, saying everyone on the team is “heads-down, hard at work” on the project.

“We are perfectionists,” Barlog said, adding that he hopes to be able to share more updates and insights into Ragnarok as soon as possible. “We don’t want to hold any of this back. So please, hold tight–know that something cool is coming.”

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In other news, Sony just recently announced that 2018’s God of War moved 971,000 units and made $26.2 million in revenue on PC as of March 2022. For more, check out what we’re hoping to see from PlayStation at Not-E3 this year.

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