New Skate Story Trailer Brings Skating Action To the Underworld

Devolver Digital and Sam Eng released a new trailer for Skate Story, as part of the Devolver Summer Showcase. The game is launching on PC via Steam in 2023.

Skate Story follows a demon in the Underworld as they skate through to reach the moon. Only by swallowing the moon will the demon be freed. As players traverse through the Underworld, or Emptylands, they’ll be able to do a variety of tricks like ollies, kickflips, and grinds. There are over 70 skate tricks that players can progress and improve on. As players complete skate trials, they’ll also level up, learn new tricks, and get new gear.

Skating at fast speeds also destroys other enemy demons, and players can also help out other souls throughout Emptylands as well. There are nine layers of hell in the Underworld that players will need to get through to reach the moon.

The gameplay is in third-person and it looks like that every time the demon wipes out or fails a trick, it collapses and falls apart, due to being made out of glass. The game features a psychedelic soundtrack by New York artist Blood Cultures as well as some tracks from John Fio.

Sam Eng previously created Zarvot, an arcade-style game about two cubes on a journey to put together a birthday present for their best friend. Zarvot is available on Nintendo Switch.

You are a demon, made out of glass and pain in Skate Story from @bysameeng!
Ollie, kickflip, and grind your way through the ash and smoke of the Underworld as you take on a seemingly impossible quest.
Coming 2023, wishlist now on Steam!

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) June 9, 2022

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