Outbreak Island Is A Survival Game With Detective Elements Coming This Year

For fans of survival-crafting games and the undead, there’s long been plenty of games to pick from. One of the next ones vying for your attention is Outbreak Island, an open-world survival game that blends weapon-crafting and base-building with novel detective elements not usually seen in the genre. The horror game will launch on PC in Q3 2022 and received a new trailer showing off gameplay.

In the trailer, we’re introduced to the mysterious setting, Erlsen Island, which seems to house sprinting zombies, hungry bears, and curious pillars of vibrant green light. Admittedly, it’s not exactly a vacation destination.

In Outbreak Island, Howard Chapman arrives to investigate the quarantine zone you’ll craft weapons and build a base like any game in the genre would have you do, but the added element of detective work may help Outbreak Island stand out from a horde of similar games. Your camera is both your greatest tool and a weapon, as you’ll use it to study the virus plaguing the island, but you can also use it to track and distract the viral monsters trekking around the open world.

Outbreak Island is currently only slated for PC and is due to arrive as an Early Access game sometime in Q3 2022. A free prologue will launch on Steam ahead of the game’s official release.

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