You Can Try Resident Evil Village In Your Browser Right Now

In the rare bit of Stadia news, Google has used the same streaming tech to allow players to try out a Resident Evil Village demo right from their browser– both on mobile or PC.

To get started, you’ll enter your date of birth and then click on the button that reads “One-click-play.” If your internet connection is solid, the game should start up after some load time. If you don’t have a controller, you can play it with the mouse and keyboard on PC or touchscreen controls on mobile. You can also play it as many times as you like. Keep in mind that streaming games can have a substantial data cost. The website itself estimates about 12.6 GB an hour. It’s something to remember if you have data limits.

So far, a demo page for Resident Evil Village is the only public use of this feature. However, the marketing copy seems to imply a desire to push this technology forward. In a blog post, Google calls their Cloud tech “Immersive Stream,” and claims that it powers “our Stadia Gaming platform and publishers’ ability to deliver games directly to their players.” The copy further emphasizes that after trying the game, player will be presented with potential storefronts to buy the game. This blog post is working double duty, at once informing players of the feature and presenting a marketing tool to potential business partners.

Perhaps after Google Stadia’s rocky start, this could be a more successful application of the technology for the tech giant.

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