Morbid Metal Is A Futuristic Roguelike Coming Soon To PC

Morbid Metal, the hack ‘n’ slash action roguelike game, is coming soon to PC. During the Future Games Showcase, fans were given a brand-new look at the title with a full-length gameplay trailer which features third-person action.

In Morbid Metal, players will be able to shapeshift between four different “blade-wielding badasses” in real-time and take on futuristic enemy bosses in what looks to be arenas. Each character will have unique abilities and stylish attacks and the action is very reminiscent of Devil May Cry and Nier: Automata. There are also long-range elements which seem to feature a Bayonetta-esque slowdown mechanic.

As the Steam description explains, with each enemy killed, and each level cleared, players will become stronger and unlock new upgrades to aid them in battle. But, as the game is a roguelike, once the player dies, all progress is gone. In a new GamesRadar interview with solo indie developer Felix Schade, he said, “The enemies and encounters are designed in a way that requires players to make good use out of the team of characters they have chosen before the run.”

Players will be able to permanently unlock and upgrade characters each time they fight through the semi-procedurally generated levels in order to “ultimately uncover the mystery of this deadly new world.” Morbid Metal will also feature diverse environments where players will encounter bosses, “next-gen graphics,” and lore of the compelling world the game is set in.

Felix Schade has yet to announce an official release date for Mobid Metal, but fans can wishlist the game now on Steam.

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