New Palworld Trailer Shows More Pokemon-Esque Creatures With Guns

A new trailer for Palworld, the multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game featuring cute (and useful creatures) called pals, was shown during the Future Games Show stream. The planned release date is sometime later this year in 2022.

Developed by Pocket Pair, Palworld is like a Valheim version of Pokemon (mixed with some Stardew Valley vibes). You can apparently enlist your pals to help with transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing. And from the teaser images, it looks like you can build whatever you want: a house, or as the game’s Steam page says, a pyramid or space ship.

In the new trailer, Wooloo-esque pals can be seen holding machine guns and cutely shooting at what I can only guess, are your enemies? There’s also a dramatic scene where these apparent enemies can hold you at gunpoint in some unknown scenario. Rather dramatically, you can also launch a penguin-looking pal out of a cannon.

If you like gardening, pals can help you out with that too. And if you’re into mass manufacturing, apparently you can hire a lot of pals to assemble items in a factory? There’s also dungeon explorations, something you can do with your friends since the game supports multiplayer.

No firm release date is known yet, but Palworld should come out for PC sometime in 2022.

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