Chivalry 2 Is Out Now On Steam

Chivalry 2 is out now on Steam after previously being an Epic Games Store exclusive. To celebrate the launch of Chivalry 2, the game is 40% off on Steam until July 7.

Alongside the Steam launch are several new additions to the game, all available now as part of free updates. The Steam launch also includes the addition of the Tenosian Invasion, which introduces horse mounted combat as well as the Tenosian faction and new maps. The horse mounted combat allows players to deliver melee attacks at high speeds and the horse can even kick enemies.

The new maps include two objective maps, The Breach of Baudwyn and The Razing of Askandir, along with two team deathmatch maps, Desert and The Charge of Wardengale. There are also new armor sets inspired by the Tenosian faction. Steam players will also get exclusive armor sets for each faction in Chivalry 2.

The Tenosian Invasion update also includes the server browser for consoles, with cross-play party functionality coming at a later date. Chivalry 2 is now available on Steam and the Tenosian Invasion update is available across all platforms.

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