Dark Fantasy Action Game Soulstice Releases In September, Demo Coming This Summer

Soulstice, a previously announced dark fantasy-themed character action title from developer Reply Game Studios, is officially coming September 20 to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. A new trailer with a kicking heavy metal soundtrack highlights the game’s combat and story ahead of its release.

One might think given its fantasy theme and name that Soulstice is heavily inspired by From Software’s Dark Souls series. While it clearly shares a love of all things Berserk as well as a gloomy aesthetic reminiscent of From Software RPGs, Soulstice’s combat looks to be closer to something like Devil May Cry, with main character Briar (along with the soul of her dead sister, Lute) juggling enemies in the air with combos and using a transforming weapon to meet the situation at hand.

As for Soulstice’s story, Briar and Lute collectively make up what is known as a Chimera, a hybrid warrior born out of the fusing of two souls. This grants Briar superhuman strength and abilities, while Lute, as a ghost, has access to some supernatural powers of her own. Together, they seek to reclaim a city ravaged by powerful creatures known as Wraiths.

Those interested in checking Soulstice out ahead of its September 20 release can register on the game’s website to play an early demo of the game this August.

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