First Gameplay Footage For The Invincible Shows Off A Hostile And Mysterious Planet

11 Bit Studios and developer Starward Industries have shown off five minutes of gameplay for The Invincible at the PC Gaming Show. Originally revealed in 2020, The Invincible takes place on the distant planet of Regis III as you carry out a rescue mission as astrobiologist Yasna.

Several crew members of an interstellar scientific expedition have gone missing on the mysterious planet, and it’ll be up to Yasna to discover what happened to them and if they’re even still alive on a planet that contains horrifying secrets.

For fans of classic sci-fi, the game’s art design features a retro-futuristic aesthetic inspired by the novel of the same name by Polish sci-fi author Stanislaw Lem.

The Invincible

“When many of us were teenagers, Lem gave us a vision of the future that felt surreal. And as a reader, I couldn’t imagine the world of The Invincible being more tangible than the one portrayed in the game,” 11 Bit Studios external development director Marek Ziemak said. “As a Polish publisher on a mission to showcase meaningful entertainment, we couldn’t pass by the opportunity to take on a game based on such an important piece of Polish cultural heritage as Lem’s book.”

The Invincible will be making its way to PC and consoles next year.

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