Frostpunk Developers Reveal The Alters At PC Gaming Show

Frostpunk and This War of Mine developer 11 Bit Studios has revealed its newest game at the PC Gaming Show, The Alters. While the trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay, it does set up the core idea of the game which focuses on Jan Dolski, a worker facing circumstances that lead him to a life-changing crossroads.

After crash-landing on a distant planet, Dolski creates alternate versions of himself to help him survive. Each Alter exhibits different skills and personality traits as a result of him having made different decisions throughout his life. 11 Bit Studios describes the game as being focused on tiny and binary decisions that often happen in nanoseconds but have the potential to influence an entire lifespan.

“These are not clones. They are the alters. Alternative versions of the same person” The Alters game director Tomasz Kisilewicz explained. “Each alter has a different skillset necessary to achieve success, but players have to take care of every one of them. And each one of them has a unique personality resulting from their unique life path. How those life paths go and how those relationships are built –it’s entirely up to you as a player.”

Players will be able to investigate a mystery through the unique lenses of each Alter when the game arrives on PC, although an exact release date hasn’t been finalized yet.

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