Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Is A Partnership With Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft announced a partnership with famed game director Hideo Kojima, bringing the Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator’s next game into the Xbox stable. But the announcement gave no details about what the game actually will be, when we can expect information about it, or even what it’s called.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer made the announcement during the Xbox/Bethesda showcase, playing a short video in which Kojima mentioned a partnership between his studio, Kojima Productions, with Xbox Game Studios to make what he called an entirely new game, and one he’s always wanted to make. Kojima said that Xbox’s cloud gaming technology will make the title possible–but said almost nothing else about it. He concluded his announcement by stating that “it may take some time, but I hope to bring you some exciting news in the future.”

Reports of a leak ahead of the Xbox/Bethesda showcase suggested that a Kojima announcement was coming, although it included a lot more details than Kojima and Microsoft actually revealed. According to the leak, the game is called Overdose, and is a horror game taking after Kojima’s canceled Silent Hills, originally teased with the short playable ad P.T. Kojima has previously talked about wanting to make a horror game, so that idea still matches up with what he said during the showcase announcement.

The leak also stated that Overdose stars Margaret Qualley, who previously played Mama in Death Stranding alongside an increasingly large number of film roles. It appears to be just one of multiple games Hideo Kojima has in the works, with Norman Reedus recently saying that Death Stranding 2 is in development. No other confirmation has been made, though Kojima did joke about the confirmation on Twitter.

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